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Cyber Law Essay

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Assignment 2
Chapter 3

1. Name and Describe two (2) U.S. based compliance laws that exist. 

Federal Information Security Management Act- This act was passed in 2002 as part of the title 3 of the E-Government Act. Its purpose is to ensure that federal agencies protect their data. It gives specific responsibilities for federal agencies. They are responsible for protecting the system and data, complying with all elements of FISMA and integrating security in all processes.

Gramm-Leach Bliley Act also known as the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999. This act protects your private financial information from being sold to other business. GLBA also offer protection against the practice of obtaining personal information through false pretenses. There are two parts that pertain to IT security which is Financial Privacy Rule which requires companies to notify there customers about there privacy practice and Safeguard rule which means a company ...view middle of the document...

Level 1 is the initial. This level is referred to as the as needed level.

Level 2 is managed. This level is when the organizations regulate out of feeling instead of having a plan. The organization knows they need security and have risk it’s just not a plan in place.

Level 3 is defined. The organization has a security policy in place and some security awareness.

Level 4 is quantitatively managed. The organization performs risk and vulnerability assessment to ensure their policies and standards in place works. The company controls the security process.

Level 5 is optimized. This level focuses on improving the process. The organization continually monitors the security and they have security process in place throughout the company.

Chapter 4

1. What is Scope and why is it important to a Risk Management Project?

A scope recognizes the limitations of a plan. The boundaries could be a single system or an entire organization without these limitations the plan can get out of whack.

2. What is a Cost Benefit Analysis and why is it important? 

A cost benefit analysis is a relative assessment of all benefits you anticipate from your project from start to finish. The cost benefits analysis is important because it will help you decide if you want to take on that project or if you have to choose between several which, will you take on. This will also help you determine what your objective is for the project and lastly help you figure out what resources will be needed for the project.

3. Name and describe the three (3) types of project management charts.

The types of project management charts are; Gantt chart, which is a chart that shows the schedule of a project. This chart is mainly used for project management and is more detailed then the milestone plan chart. This chart will show you the status and progress of your projects. Next you have the milestone plan chart, which represents the major milestones of the project. For an example this will keep track keep track when each milestone (project) is completed. It will also track the start and ending date of the project. Lastly, critical path chart shows all the projects that must be completed in time. If any particular task is delayed this chart will delay the whole project.

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