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Cyber Security Essay

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Cyber crime:Law Enforcement And E-Government
Transnational Issues

Individ ual Assignment #1



Table Of Content

Introduction ................................................................. 3-5
Current Government Interventions/ Methods............. 5-7
linpact/Effects .............................................................. 7-8
Private Industry Rcsponsibilit)' ............................... 8-9
Conclusion ........................................................................ 9-10
Reference Page ........................................................... 11

Introd uction
Over the last several years we have witnessed many ...view middle of the document...

Today.a criminal has the ability to
rob you from the comfort of his or her own home uow. and with Lhe consumer having no
knowledge of U1e criminal act al all u ntil it has occmred and is too late. Uufortu nalely,
because it has become increasingly harder to track: theJ>e cyber criminals and their
locations, the nu mbers of cyber robberies have grown astronomically.
Cyber threats are increasingl y becoming the major factor in the economic
turbulence of this nation as well as threaten the integrity of the nations security systems

(Amerding. 2012). Expansion of the World Wide Web is now allowi11g cyber criminals to
have the ability to hack into some of the most sophisticated and l1
ighly protected
confidential networks. We have repeatedly witnessed that cyber criminals arc not just
taking money from tl1 in the lower class. but those at the top of the lax bracket as well
(Baker, 2006). They have advanced their hacking so much that they now have the ability
to take money from governmental organizations that are foderally protected and
com promising the national security of many countries.Thus, the government has been
forced to set policies, procedures and cc11 practices to lessen the chance ofconsumcrs
being vulnera ble to any attacks. but they do not seem to be enough .
With the memory of the terrorist attacks of Septem ber I I becoming ever more
distant.congress passing another piece of homela nd security legislation seems to be more
and more of a distant t hought as well. Unfortunately, there has been little support for
taking on yet another major piece of com plex and costly homeland securi ty legislation.
The government's options are steadily becoming limited and they must act to increase
and enha nce their cyber security protection measurements to ensw-e a cyber attack will
not happen. Another issue ofJelevance pe11ains lo the cyber-criminal ability lo allack
power grids. If a cyber-criminal were able lo hack a power grid it would cause
detrimental problems for the l'cderal government and the American people including but
not limited to blackouts, encryption errors, and a total system meltdown .
Privates indust ry is a nother sector that has been getti ng l1 hard in cyber
criminal activity.The private industry has accounted for al least 65% of the cyber attacks
in the United States (Homeland Security. 2005). With that being said, we must remem ber
that the federal government and private industry have many tics and connections to each

other in many ways. This warrants a necessa1y strong and cohesive partnershi p for the
protection of governmental function bu t also lo make sure other organizations arc
properly equipped with the best policies, procedures. and regulations. Instead, we can
find that for different reasons t he p1i vate industry does not want to u pgrade their cyber
secutity protection levels, where the Federal government believes that action must be
taken now to protect...

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