Cyber Terrorism Essay

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Truman R Miller
18 April 2014
Cyber Terrorism in the Age of Modern Technology
In June of 1983 a movie produced by MGM called, “WarGames” (1-1983) set off one of the most intriguing films based in what was considered the beginning of the age of home based computers. WarGames despite the obvious age of the technology, gives us an inside look into its paranoid Cold War opening tensions to the staggering moral climax. Directed by John Badham, this cyber-espionage thriller might also be considered a blueprint in cyber terrorism today.
In 1995 some 12 years later another movie directed by John Badham called, “The Net” (2-1995) would give us another look into the emerging age of cyber ...view middle of the document...

Bullying has taken on a new form of violence, gone are the days of school ground squabbles. “Although there is evidence that individuals involved in traditional bullying as victims, bullies, or both are often also involved in cyber-bullying.” (Li, Q. 2007) But is cyber bulling the same as cyber terrorism? Cyber bullying is carried on in a similar way, cyber bullying can be sent via instant messaging, e-mails, and social networks from any mobile media device. The same way that foreign terrorism uses cyber-space. "Cyber bullying is when someone repeatedly harasses, mistreats, or makes fun of another person online or while using cell phones or other electronic devices." (3-2014)
The United States is not the only country doing research on cyberbullying. Many countries have recently published articles examining cyber bullying within rural and urban schools. These studies examine the prevalence, impact, and differential experience of cyber bullying among middle and high school students. Of those finding, the surveys examined the use of technology, cyber bullying behaviors, and the psychosocial impact of bullying and being bullied. Cyber bullying establishes a power and control over the victim through intimidation, humiliation, social exclusion and damage to that person’s reputation. The anonymity of the person is often difficult to identify the perpetrator and leaves the perpetrator feeling empowered, protected from accountability and detached from the impact of their behavior. Simply put the perpetrators do not fear being punished. On the other hand, the effects on the victim are lasting. The victim’s academic performance, mental health, self-esteem and social outcast often go unresolved for fear that adults may overreact and the student will lose their computer privileges.
Children’s Social Information Processing
In light of numerous publicized cases of bully-related suicides in the past several
years, increased efforts have been made to identify and understand the factors that may
predict children’s involvement in bullying. Additionally, researchers and policymakers
have focused much attention on creating effective interventions aimed at educating
children about the harmful consequences of involvement in bullying. Nonetheless,
bullying continues to occur both in and outside of school, leading many children and
adolescents to experience long-term pain and emotional distress (Beran & Li, 2007).

The American Journal of Orthopsychiatry reported about 49.5% of these students indicated they had been bullied online and 33.7% indicated they had bullied others online. (5-July 2010) Most bullying was perpetrated by friends, and of those that were bullied they generally did not tell anyone about the bullying. When asked, those that were bullied said they felt angry, sad, or depressed after being bullied online. Although participants that bullied others online afterwards said they felt guilty or ashamed, however, most said that it...

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