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HE, President Mwai Kibaki, presides over the official
ground breaking of Konza Technology City.
January 2013

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Hon. Samuel L.Poghisio,
Minister for Information
and Communications

Minister’s Statement
Access to information is crucial to economic growth. Information and communications technology offer a powerful tool that, if deployed
equitably, can ensure citizens are empowered and Government can deliver services more effectively. Information is vital for the efficient
delivery of public and private sector product and services that are responsive to the needs of citizens and businesses as well as capacity
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The Government while guiding budgets will ensure that projects deliver the value they promise towards attainment of the objectives of this
Master Plan. Achievements will underlie the Government’s commitment in enhancing transparency, ensuring greater accountability to the
public as well as opening up new opportunities for local entrepreneurs.



By 2017, Kenya becomes
Africa’s most globally respected
knowledge economy
- Master Plan Vision


Dr. Bitange Ndemo,
PS, Ministry of Information
and Communications


Our Journey
The Kenya ICT Master Plan 2017 is focused on driving real economic growth. The Ministry of Information and Communications will take a threepronged approach in the execution of this plan, which recognizes Government projects that deliver citizen’s needs, the need to strengthen
industry through ICT and encouragement of the creation of ICT businesses.
Kenya’s ICT Master Plan aspires to position Kenya as a regional leader in ICT while delivering the latest and most robust infrastructure.
Open standards, transparency and accountability are all key to the success of this Master Plan. Further, the Ministry is diligently working on
standardizing business processes and the development of sub-plans to allow for the delivery of innovative public services within Government.
We are strengthening governance and increasing engagement with Government and with Private Sector to remove barriers that would impede
execution. This plan centers on the needs of the citizen to ensure all efforts are designed to address those needs and truly deliver a society
built on knowledge.
There are challenges anticipated in enabling the realization of ICT as an
integral component of Vision 2030. This plan has therefore, been designed with
interventions that are specific to both Social and Economic Pillars. The initiatives
in this plan have been mainstreamed with the objectives of Vision 2030 given
that the Government acknowledges that the future of our economy depends on
developing a skillful and knowledgeable human capital.
For Kenya to achieve full benefits of ICT the plan has set seven key intervention areas

Kenya as a
African ICT

A society
built on

Open and
delivering value
through ICT

under the vision 2030 social pillar namely: Education and Training, Health Sector,
Water and Sanitation, Environment, Housing and Urbanization, Gender, Youth and
Vulnerable groups, Social Equity and Poverty Reduction. In addition, there would be
seven key areas of intervention under the vision 2030 economic pillar. These are:
Tourism, Agriculture, Wholesale and Retail Trade, Manufacturing, Business Process

accessible &
affordable ICT

Outsourcing and Financial Services and Creative Industry.


Strategic Goals
Every Citizen Connected
Every citizen, resident, home and institution will be connected through countrywide

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