Cybersecurity Standards: A Case Study On Malaysian Banking Sector

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Cybersecurity Standards:
A Case Study on Malaysian
Banking Sector
Anwer Yusoff
Head, Industry & Business Department
CyberSecurity Malaysia
Sept 18th 2013
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Internet use in



internet users

Sources: Internet World Stats (30 June 2012)
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Internet use in

The highest usage was
recorded among people
aged 20-24.
almost 6 in 10 (57%) regularly
use the internet.

Malaysian internet users
(aged 20-24) spend an average
of 22.3 hours online per week

87.9% of Malaysians on the
internet access Facebook

Once online, Malaysian’s Top 3
1. ...view middle of the document...

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Which are more common
malicious attacks or accidental breaches?
We believe Malicious attacks are more
common in Malaysia
According to Sophos Security Threat Report 2013:

Malaysia is 6th
Riskiest country
TER of 17.44%
Norway with 1.81% TER
Indonesia with 23.54% TER
Threat Exposure Rate (TER)
(TER is measured as the percentage of PCs that experienced a malware attack, whether
successful or failed, over a three-month period)
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Malaysians hardly report Malware attacks
perhaps due to ignorance?
to Cyber999


MyCERT Honeynet


Malicious Code to

Up to 31 May,












Total Botnet & Malware
(by unique IP)

Due to

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tend to IGNORE spams rather than report them to Cyber999.
* Spamming is one of the method of spreading Malware*

to Cyber999


MyCERT Honeynet


Reported to

Detected Spam

Spam Networks

Up to 31 May,




















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Cyber criminals everywhere…..
Edward Snowden


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Copyright © 2013 CyberSecurity Malaysia

Challenges for legal regime…


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The world is becoming more digitized and interconnected,
opening the door to emerging threats and leaks….


The age of Big Data – the explosion of digital
information – has arrived and is facilitated by
the pervasiveness of applications accessed
from everywhere


With the advent of Enterprise 2.0 and social
business, the line between personal and
professional hours, devices and data has


Organizations continue to move to new
platforms including cloud, virtualization,
mobile, social business and more


The speed and dexterity of attacks has
increased coupled with new actors with new
motivations from cyber crime to terrorism
to state-sponsored intrusions

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What steps are taken by the

Malaysian Government

to keep cyber threats under control ?

One of the most

step is creating :

National Cyber
Security Policy

Malaysia to
implement NCSP

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National Cyber Security Policy
Malaysian’s Critical National Information
Infrastructure will be secure,...

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