Cycles Of The Moon Essay

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Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____ 1. The _______________ is 18 years and 111/3 days long.
|a. |sidereal period |
|b. |synodic period |
|c. |eclipse season |
|d. |saros cycle ...view middle of the document...

|d. |moon is new or full. |
|e. |moon is visible during the day. |

____ 4. If the moon enters Earth's shadow but does not reach the umbra, the eclipse is termed
|a. |partial. |
|b. |umbral. |
|c. |penumbral. |
|d. |total. |
|e. |annular. |

____ 5. Spring tides occur
|a. |at new moon and first quarter moon. |
|b. |at first quarter and third quarter moons. |
|c. |at new moon and full moon. |
|d. |at third quarter and full moons. |
|e. |at noon and midnight. |

____ 6. The synodic period of the moon
|a. |is about 27.32 days long. |
|b. |is the period of time for the moon to orbit Earth once with respect to the stars. |
|c. |is the period of time between successive eclipses at a given location on Earth. |
|d. |is the period of time from when the moon rises until the moon rises again the next night. |
|e. |none of the above |

____ 7. _______________ occur when the moon is new and the moon is full.
|a. |Neap tides |
|b. |Spring tides |
|c. |Total solar eclipses |
|d. |Annular eclipses ...

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