Cypop Task 6 Essay

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Parents Charter

At little Birdie Childminding, we work hard to create positive relationships with the parents, carers and families of the children in our setting. We do this so that we can build trust with you and keep you informed of your childs day, development and achievements! This gives you peace of mind of the quality of care they receive, as well as enabling continuity between home and us for the child, which in turn, creates a solid, safe, happy and stable environment for your child.
The ways in which we do this are simple. It’s all about communication! We talk to you daily about what your child has done, each child has their own “Little Book” which they can take home, detailing what they have been up to and any achievements! We welcome your comments in their book too, it’s for both you and us! ...view middle of the document...

We aim to establish solid routines for your child, that are age appropriate, meet the needs of your child, are in agreement with yourselves and are based around the participation of your child. For example, if your child is 2 years old our day could be as such:
Morning activity such as a music group with instruments, dancing and singing
Snack time
Free play at home with favourite toys such as a jigsaw to help development
Lunch time
Reading before nap time
Drink and gentle wake up after sleep
Afternoon walk with the dog to collect after school children
Afternoon play such as colouring and drawing and snack time with the other children
Meal for all together before home time
Each child will have adequate time to play and join in, and where possible, these will be arranged around sleep times so that everyone joins in the fun!
We feel it is very important that each child at Little Birdie has a strong sense of belonging, and every child has their own peg in the hall way with a picture of them on it, where they can put their coats in the morning! We have lots of fun pictures of the children enjoying activities up, and painted and created by the children, and we have toys, books and activities out every morning ready so your child feels happy, comfortable and invited into the setting.
We use our “Little Books” to record achievements, no matter how small, so that the praise we give the children verbally can be carried on at home! We praise the children for their effort as well as their achievements! Every child achieves in different ways, and giving it a go is just as important to us! We also reward with stickers, posters and verbal encouragement and ensure every single child gets praised.
Your child is valued equally at Little Birdie Childminders, and we aim to build a happy, positive and fantastic relationship with not only your child but you also.

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