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Distinction 2 – Evaluation of Skills
There are many factors that influence the effectiveness of both one to one interactions and group interactions. In my analysis I will evaluate the quality of my interpersonal skills and communication in both of these contexts. The one to one and group contexts occurred in a Health and Social Care environments. I will identify my own strengths and weaknesses and discuss any barriers that may have occurred during the contexts and if they were overcome or not. Lastly, I will discuss the factors that have influenced the effectiveness of my own interactions.
Firstly, I am going to analyse the quality of my communication and interpersonal skills for the one ...view middle of the document...

Similarly, when I was talking to him I took my time and spoke with a slow pace in order for the communication to be as effective as can be. I listened well to show an interest in the conversation; I used the clarifying and repeating technique while the student was talking, this demonstrates a good understanding and interest into the interaction. I used a very calming tone as the student often feels very agitated in certain situations; being isolated with a member of staff makes him feel uncomfortable. Therefore by using this tone of voice it allows me to keep the student calm and try and make him feel comfortable in the environment that we were situated in. I spoke with a much slower pace than the student to ensure that I was being understood and that while I was communicating with him he could fully understand me. Speaking with a relatively fast pace could confuse the student and this would form a barrier; speaking with this pace would be inappropriate for the interaction. The use of technological language would not be understood by the student due to his age and disability; therefore I prevented another barrier by not using this type of language throughout the duration of our one to one interaction.
My interpersonal skills were also very good during the interaction. I did not use jargon as it would be hard for the student to interpret and understand what I was saying. I also did not use slang throughout the context as this is a very informal way of communicating; by not using these types of communication I am preventing a barrier from occurring. Also due to the high demand of formality in this environment, it would have been very inappropriate for me to use this sort of language with the student. However, due to the age of the student he used a lot of informal language, sometimes it was difficult for me to understand him as he was using slang terms and spoke with a different dialect. This did not form a barrier as I asked him to repeat himself slowly so I could hear him correctly. He did not mind repeating himself and often found it funny when I asked him to say it again. I sat with a good posture to demonstrate an interest in the context. Sometimes I leant forward while the student was talking which demonstrates an intense involvement in the interaction. I positioned us at an angle from one another but we were still facing each other; this position makes the environment feel friendlier, and as a result of this layout the student will feel more comfortable and in a more relaxed environment. I used a lot of facial expressions to demonstrate my emotions; I had wide eyes and constantly made eye contact with the student to indicate that I was listening and understanding what was being mentioned. I was smiling to show that I was not bored or uninterested in what he had to say, I also nodded to show the student that I was listening intently and that I was understanding what was being said in the context.
I had to be assertive during the context,...

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