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The company which was started from a small house in Calcutta is now India’s fourth largest FMCGCompany.  Dabur's vision all along has been to ensure good health for all.  Dabur India generates anannual revenue of Rs. 7000 Crores and has a market capitalization of US$ 5 billion.  It has been one of the leading companies in the Indian market for more than 130 years. Some of the major product categories inwhich DABUR operates are hair care, oral care, health care, skin care and foods.


Competitor analysis
Competitors of Dabur are the following:
1) HUL – The FMCG giant is the biggest competitor of Dabur in a wide range of products like-
* Personal care- Dabur’s herbal soaps compete with HUL’s Lux, Breeze, Lifebuoy, and Dove.
* Oral Care- Dabur’s herbal Babool, Meswak compete with Pepsodent, Close up etc.
2) Marico- The Indian consumer good company which was founded in 1987 owns the Shanti Amla brand which gives tough competition to Dabur’s Amla Oil.
3) P & G- The American Multinational has a dominant position in the FMCG sector and poses a tough competition in the market with its presence across categories and products.
4) Emami- The Kolkata based brand owns popular products like Navrtana Cool Oil, Sona Chandi Chawanprash and Boroplus under its umbrella.

Financial Performance
The most recent results of Dabur have been positive despite a sharp fall in growth rates in most consumer products. The company reported strong volume – led growth across its products categories. The health supplements business, led by strong demand for Dabur Honey and Dabur Glucose, ended the first quarter with a 22 percent growth while foods business grew 21 percent, Dabur’s international business (including acquisitions) reported 18 percent growth.
The first quarter consolidated net profit increased by 13 percent to Rs 211 crore against Rs 186 crore Y-o-Y, but the number was below estimates.
When the market performance of Dabur is compared with its competitors, the market capitalization is around Rs 35000 crore next only to HUL’s Rs 149000 crore. The company’s sales turnover also is second in its competing brands category (first being HUL again) and increased by Rs 550 crore YoY.
Its return on capital employed is around 45%, up 3 % from last year.
Report Card – Dabur

PE Ratios | 51.39 |
EPS(Rs) | 3.85 |
Sales (Rs. Crore) | 1245.99 |
Net Profit Margin | 13.49 % |
Last Bonus | 1:1 |
Last Dividend | 100% |
Return on average equity | 35.33 |

Annual results in brief
(Rs crore)
| Mar ' 14 | Mar ' 13 | Mar ' 12 | Mar ' 11 | Mar ' 10 |
Sales | 4,870.08 | 4,349.39 | 3,759.33 | 3,287.67 | 2,874.60 |
Operating profit | 825.72 | 754.42 | 658.55 | 620.77 | 549.43 |
Interest | 19.35 | 18.40 | 14.10 | 12.93 | 5.60 |
Gross profit | 915.94 | 822.91 | 697.80 | 634.00 | 558.94 |
EPS (Rs) | 3.85 | 3.39 | 2.66 | 2.71 | 4.99 |

Exhibit 1 shows the way the company follows the core values in...

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