Dairy Farming In Bangladesh Essay

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Developing a Profile for Dairy Farm


Dairying is an important source of subsidiary income to small/marginal farmers and agricultural laborers. Bangladesh has a population of 160 million people; more than 80 percent of them, or approximately 16 million households, are located in rural areas. An estimated two-thirds of those households own livestock. Although population growth is slowing, there are still almost 1 000 people per sq km – the highest density of any country in the world (excluding small island-nations and city-states). The dwindling per capita land resource is one of the causes of persisting poverty in the county, according to contemporary human ...view middle of the document...

There is scope for basic improvements that can lead to greater integration and productivity.
Livestock sector contributes in GDP 3% ,according to the annual economic report of 2015.
In the few specialized areas where cross-breeding has taken place, yields range from 1 000 to 3 000 litres over a 210/300-day lactation.Until quite recently, milk was a by-product of cattle, used largely for making traditional sweets and in tea. Per capita milk availability currently ranges from 40 to 50 g per day (14–18 kg per year). The gap between supply and demand is largely met by milk powder imports of about 80 000 tonnes annually in 2011-12 fiscal year, valued at some US$221 million. Imports represent 0.16 million tonnes of liquid milk equivalent annually, feeding some 6–7 percent of total consumption and accounting for an estimated 55 percent of the formal dairy market. Although there is no specific nutritional target in the country for milk consumption, the figure of 250 g per day (90 kg per year) often appears in national plans,implying an annual milk requirement.

1.1 History of the dairy farm in BANGLADESH
| Dairy (establishment year) |
1. | Milk Vita (1973) |
2. | Amomilk (1996) |
3. | Tulip Dairy(1998) |
4 | Arong–BRAC Dairy (1998) |
5. | Bikrampur Dairy (1998) |
6. | Ultra–Shelaidah Dairy (1998) |
7. | Aftab (1998) |
8. | Pran (2001) |
9. | Grameen–CLDDP (1999) |
10. | Rangpur Dairy (2007) |
11. | Akij Group (2007) |
12. | Grameen Danone (2007) |
13. | Savar Dairy (1974) |
14. | Army |
| Total |

1.2 Objective
This report is conducted to know the machanism of dairy farming and how it is developed commercially. The objective of the pre-feasibility study is primarily to facilitate potential entrepreneurs in project identification for investment. The project pre-feasibility may form the basis of an important investment decision and in order to serve this objective, the document/study covers various aspects of project concept development, start-up, and production, marketing, finance and business management.
The purpose of this document is to facilitate potential investors in setting up Dairy Farm with Environmentally Controlled Housing (ECH) system on commercial basis by providing them a general understanding of the business with the intention of supporting potential investors in crucial investment decisions.
In here how much prospective the dairy sector and how it can be developed or expaned is considered.The need to come up with pre-feasibility reports for undocumented or minimally documented sectors attains greater imminence as the research that precedes such reports reveal certain thumb rules; best practices developed by existing enterprises by trial and error, and certain industrial norms that become a guiding source regarding various aspects of business set-up and it’s successful management.
Apart from carefully studying the whole document one must consider critical aspects provided later on, which form basis of any Investment...

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