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Daliy Life Of Jesus Essay

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A Day in the Life of Jesus
Early in the morning, shiny sunlight shoots right on my face, this is a perfect start to my day. After I wake up, I go to the front yard of my house and say hey to my mom,you know her as Mary. She already has a breakfast ready for me, it is delicious, it has goat milk, cheese, bread and olives, it gives me energy for rest of the day. After I finish my breakfast, I help my mom to clean the front yard and clean the domestic animals’ area before I go to the synagogue, my father Joseph is one of the carpenters, he takes me to the synagogue.
In the synagogue, I see lots of people, some of them are my friends, and we study the Torah. It is the book which ...view middle of the document...

Just after the class, there is a student he doesn’t know how to write the alphabet. Then I teach him how to write the letter, it is so wonderful because I see the smile on his face, and he is appreciates my help. There are a lots of happy children in Nazareth. I enjoy being parts of the beautiful family and happy community.
After the synagogue, I go to dad’s work place just not too far from our house, when i get there, I watch my father craft the furniture or anything mad by wood and help him to do the easy work Basically I still need to memorize the process to make the article, I also heard my father say those tool hanging on the wall, most of them are from my grandfather or great grandfather, he tells me that because he wants me to be careful using those tool in the future, In the small town Nazareth, people very much respect my dad’s job, to me he is the extremely a hard worker willing to learn. He can fix house construction parts, furniture, kitchen implements and farm tools. My dream is to be a carpenter like my father.
After working there is a short amount of free time, my next door neighbor, John, invites me to his house to have fun. Their family owns a farm, I feels like when I go to his house the most joyful things is to shepherd with him, it is so much fun, we walk on the grass, chatting with each other. While we are walking, sitting under the tree and listening attentively to birds twitter, after we shepherd his sheep to their filed, me and John and some adult get to play various board games and different forms of checkers, wonderful time pass real fast, I say good-bye to john, mom calls me to the supper, mommy prepares the vegetable, many of eggs, cheese, bread, butter, wine, nuts, fish and fruit, it is delicious, it fills up my hungry stomach. Thought the day I have periodically prayed to my Abba, when I led down to sleep and thank Him for my wonderful family, my riches of happiness and ask Him to protect our village and homes.
As I fell asleep I dreamed of my trip to Jerusalem big festival, the most popular day in the spring, the Passover. It is the most crowded pilgrimage in the Jerusalem. It started in the evening, the Passover name comes from the God’s promise in Exodus” I will pass over you, and no plague shall fall upon you to destroy you, when I smite the land of Egypt.” As I remember, it was both a solemn and a festival occasion, and in this time...

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