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Dancing At Lughnasa Essay

1022 words - 5 pages

Kevin Nguyen
Due 3/1/2010
MW 4:30-5:45
Dr. McIntyre
Dancing at Lughnasa
The play starts off with a guy that plays a little boy, Michael, talking about his summer with his aunts and mother. It’s in the summer of August, and the five sisters just got a new radio that kept shutting on and off. The play starts off with all of them folding clothes, and Rose talks about some guy that she’s in love with, but he had a wife, so the sisters did not approve of her getting involved with him. The sisters, Rose and Maggie, loved dancing and singing in the kitchen, and would stomp their feet fiercely on the kitchen wood floor. One of the sister mentions that they should go to the local Harvest ...view middle of the document...

He also says that he was getting Michael a black bicycle from the other town. The first part of the play ends with Jack showing his rituals that he did in Africa.
In the second act, three weeks later, Michael is writing a letter to Santa Clause and Maggie is doing chores and tells Michael that he owed her a penny for the kite supplies. Uncle Jack comes in and tells Maggie that he’s been doing his daily walks like Kate told him to. Chris and Gerry are still spending time with each other and Chris asks Gerry if he can fix the radio, because in the first act he said he could. Gerry then leaves the set and climbs up the tree. Shortly, Agnes comes home from picking blueberries with Rose, but apparently Rose didn’t feel good and decided to go home and rest. Rose didn’t actually go home, and the 4 sisters begin to panic and ask Agnes all these questions and then they realize that she went out to meet that man that she said she was in love with. Rose finally comes home and Kate is the only one that was upset. Soon, Michael has a monologue and informs the audience what happens to everyone in the future. Agnes and Rose left the family and never returned, he finds out that they went to London, where they became destitute, and eventually died. Uncle Jack died suddenly of a heart attack within a year of his return to Ireland. And the play resumes with a trade of hats between Gerry and Jack, and then a picnic with everyone. The play ends with Michael telling the audience that Gerry had another wife and kids in a different town. Michael explains how music and dancing contributed to his summer in August of 1936.
Conflicts in the movie were protagonist vs. protagonist, and a little boy...

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