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Dangerous Behind The Wheel Essay

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Dangerous Behind the Wheel

As a husband and a father, the safety of my family is perhaps one of the most important things in my life. Every time I get in a vehicle, I ensure everyone has his or her seatbelt on and I make it a point to be as safe as I can be when I drive. Unfortunately, there are certain things that even I cannot control. Imagine something so dangerous that it can take away everything and/or everyone you have in mere seconds, regardless of how safe you are. No matter what safety precautions anyone has taken, statistics show that teenagers, more specifically, sixteen year olds, are the most dangerous drivers on the road. Not only are they a danger to themselves, but ...view middle of the document...

(Davis, 2005). With shocking statistics like these, it is easy to see that sixteen year olds are the most dangerous group of drivers on the road. In addition to having the “bad driver” stereotype, teenagers are also looked at as irresponsible. While this may be true in some cases, it is not all-inclusive. Many people do not realize that a lot of what makes a teenager a bad driver is something a teen cannot help: the way his or her brain is continually developing.

As I mentioned earlier, driving is very complex and involves multitasking. Many people consider themselves “good” drivers, yet there are thousands of fender-benders every year. More often than not, the driver at fault got distracted by any one of a hundred of things. When it comes to teenagers, they are even more prone to getting distracted. Passengers, cell phones, gadgets, make-up, food, and much more are a big cause of distraction. What is often over-looked is the teenage driver that is, to the best of his or her ability, responsible behind the wheel. It is common knowledge that teenagers continue to develop physically and emotionally throughout their teenage years. They are especially prone to peer pressure and distraction at this point in their lives. That distraction and impulsiveness gets many teenagers in bad situations on the road. Research from the National Institute of Health shows that the frontal lobe of the brain controls impulses, judgment calls, decision-making, and the coordination of multitasking. This is very significant because the brain, especially this portion, continues to mature and develop well into the 20’s. (Gregory, 2008). This is noteworthy because it shows that no matter how hard a teenager might try, they are still more prone to causing an accident on the road due to circumstances beyond their control. These studies are being used more and more as justification to raise the driving age limit, but with limited success. Even with all of these findings and statistics, you will be hard pressed to find a teenager that does not think he or she is ready for the challenges of being a responsible driver.

Ask any teenager if he or she thinks the driving age should be raised and you’re likely to get a...

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