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Darwin's Theory Of Evolution Essay

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Darwin’s Theory of Evolution
The Darwin Theory of Natural Selection has been a topic of controversy ever since it was first made. This theory states that life comes from a common ancestor. This means that simplistic creatures evolved into more complex ones. The process known as “natural selection” is when random genetic mutations occur within an organism’s genetic code and is continually passed down to the next generations therefore making the species more complex than it was to start out with. There are three types of natural selection. They are directional selection, stabilizing selection, and sexual selection.
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He then began to develop a revolutionary theory about the origin of living things that was very contrary to the popular view of naturalists at that time. Darwin noticed that there were similarities in species in all different parts of the world. He then concluded that all creatures evolved from a common ancestor.
Directional selection is one part of the natural selection theory. This type of selection helps produce new features for a species to adapt to their environment. This is the type of selection that most people refer as “natural selection”. Directional selection occurs when there are changes in the climate, weather, or food source. Human interaction can also cause directional selection. This can be due to the hunting of larger animals for their meat and other valuable parts. An example of this type of selection would be the Galapagos finch. Over time their beak went from being larger and deeper to be smaller and longer. The larger beak was used for cracking nuts and seeds. But when food sources changed the beak became longer so as to be better at capturing insects.
The next type of selection is stabilizing selection. In stabilizing selection the species stabilizes itself so to speak. Stabilizing selection eliminates the extreme characteristics of that species. The individuals that are the most normal leave more offspring than...

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