Data Analysis For Efficiency

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Data :
Data were obtained two studies. They were obtained using manipulation of independent variables in two studies. The two studies include lab experiment and field study. The variable for lab experiment and field study focused on personalized offers to attract the user and personalized music offered on main window respectively. The manipulation of variables in Lab include:
1) Goal specificity which was indicated by three level decreasing order.
2) Self-reference effect, where subjects were exposed to self-referent and non-self-referent banners.
3) Content relevance effect, where subjects were exposed to relevant and irrelevant banners.
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Then individual amount of clicks was then compared. The totals were averaged between users and compared. This testing also yielded a 0.95 confidence level.
Certain hypothesis were developed during the research study the conclusions supports these hypothesis. Attention was measured by total number of clicks on banners. Basically there are two types of banners self referent and non self referent banners. The tests performed showed that more attention is given to the information that is self referent because there were more clicks on the self referent information also more download of music was done that was self referent. It was also true that everyone was more satisfied with the songs that were in self referent section. These all findings were valid. The only thing that was not being accepted was that Obert (music program manufacturer) required forty random subject be assigned to the control group.
Cautions and Limitations :
There are some limitations that readers should take into consideration when interpreting the findings. The fist limitation is the number of recall test taken in study. The number of recall test taken were 32 (16 images and 16 logos), the author feels that these tests may have fatigue and this might have affected their performance.
The second limitation is...

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