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Data Communications Essay

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1. At what frequency ranges do the IEEE 802.11 b/a/g/n standards transmit? What is important about these different frequencies?
* IEEE 802.11 b transmits using 2.4 GHz signals.
* IEEE 802.11 a transmits using 5 GHz signals.
* IEEE 802.11 g transmits using 2.4 GHz signals.
* IEEE 802.11 n transmits using MIMO or multiple in multiple out technique.
* These frequencies are important when choosing which protocol you want to use. The lower frequencies can transmit longer distances and require less battery while the lower frequencies transmit longer distances but can drain the battery of the workstation.
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5. In what ways are Unix and Linux similar? In what ways are they different?
* One similarity is the fast execution of the operating system due to the small and efficient code. The two also perform in very similar ways seeing as Linux is a version of UNIX. The major difference in the two is the cost. Linux is free if downloaded from the internet and tons cheaper even if it is not. You also receive the source code with Linux that can be modified however you would like. This can be a huge advantage if you have an experienced programmer.
6. Why is the stability of Linux so high when compared to other network operating systems?
* The size of the code is so small you don’t have to have a great processor to run it and there are also fewer things that can go wrong with such a short source code.
7. If it is important not to lose any of your data, which RAID technique would you suggest using?
* RAID-5 because the data is stored across at least three disks and parity information is sent along with the data.
8. Is a thin client computer more advantageous in a corporate setting or in a...

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