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P Criterion G: Identifying the problem within a social context
The Richmond car hire system has a total of 100 cars, 50 drivers and 15 other workers among who are the two directors, a site manger, secretary and financial manager. Its head office is located in Dar-es-salaam. The Richmond Car Rentals offers services of hiring of all types of cars all over Dar-es-salaam. So far the car hire services are done manually by keeping written records of the cars, drivers, workers and customers. All the records were stored in books. It has resulted to several problems which include:
This has created the consumption of so much time of finding details of a particular record.
It creates a major ...view middle of the document...

Some of the specific objectives the company would like to achieve are as follows:
The system will be able to handle all types of data efficiently and without much consumption of time.
The system will be able arrange data in an orderly manner in which data can be read easily.
The system will be user friendly and can be used by any knowledgeable person.
The system will be producing far more accurate results and in a well presented manner.
The new solution plan is to change the manual system to a computerized one by use of computer and its peripherals. The new solution will involve storing the data in databases by using Microsoft access. The new system will be cost effective and efficient, increasing the reliability of the system. It will be user friendly and will calculate the amount to be paid and the salaries automatically.
Another possible solution would be using by using another software application package Microsoft excel. The data would be entered in different cells according to their specific labels. Formulae would be used to calculate the amount needed for the customers to pay and the salary of the staff. At the end of the month the total amount of money would be calculated by using a formula to know the financial status of the business. This solution is simple and there is no need of creating databases. This solution would also be cost effective and doesn’t require extra parts to be fitted or upgraded but also has its disadvantages.
Microsoft access has a lot of advantages and some disadvantages. Both the advantages and disadvantages are compared and mentioned below:

It is fast, consistent and reliable. It is easy to search sort, hire and renew items in the system
The system can be infected by a virus and may lead to loss or change of data
The system can be protected by using a password and disallows any unauthorized personnel to access the system
Apart from viruses the system is also threatened by hackers who can cause fraud and access your system and make changes without your awareness
The data in your system is organized and can be used on networks with simultaneous users
If data is not saved after editing or making changes and the power goes off it could lead to loss of information
If any mistakes are made in operating the system, it can be easily corrected

Time will be needed to train the staff without any knowledge of operating the system.
Microsoft access allows you to create tables, forms, queries, reports.

Microsoft access gives you the freedom of setting validation rules so as to avoid errors

Microsoft excel has a lot of advantage but also some disadvantages. Below is a table displaying the advantages and disadvantages of using excel:

The program is cost effective and efficient
The staff will need some knowledge on how to operate the software
Unlimited amount of data can be recorded
It can be accessed and by hackers
The data can be...

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