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Database Systems And How They Are Used

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Database Systems and How They are Used

DBM/380 Week 1 Individual Assignment

Craig Gruenbaum

Instructor: Kevin Judge

Database Systems and How They are used

Database systems are utilized in basically every business every day. Businesses use data to perform a multitude of functions, such as sales transactions, customer queries, and the viewing of key performance indicators. Database systems are the management tool that aids in accessing this data. “In a sense, a database resembles a very well-organized electronic filing cabinet in which powerful software (the DBMS) helps manage the cabinet’s contents”(Rob, P., Coronel, C., & Morris, S, 2013).
Database Architecture
Database Architecture refers to the design of the database. For example, databases can be designed for a single site or multiple sites, ...view middle of the document...

Without database systems, companies would have no means by which to access the information stored in their databases. This information is required for day-to-day operations. For instance, Craig works for Verizon FiOS selling cable, phone, and Internet door-to-door. Craig utilizes a tablet to qualify a customer’s home, verify that customer’s credit, and assign the customer an installation date. Verizon uses multiple databases and database management systems to complete these tasks. First, there is a database involving addresses able to receive FiOS services. Second, there is a database linked with Equifax Credit Bureau. Last, there is a database linked with dispatch that corresponds with the dates available for installation. This Verizon FiOS database system is distributed because there are multiple sales representatives, like Craig, that utilize the system. It is also discipline specific considering it is only designed to do those particular functions. This is an Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) database system. It is used to create day-to-day business for the Verizon Company.
All companies make use of database systems. Prior to databases, companies had to utilize multiple file cabinets and keep paper copies of every transaction. Now, databases serve as the file cabinets and database systems manage those file cabinets so anything the company’s user needs is available at the touch of a button.

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