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How can Play On Toys ensure its information technology systems are ready for growth?

Play On Toys has enjoyed 5 years of success in the European market, experiencing strong growth, particularly in the past year, increasing its staff from 16 to 60 employees. With 200 customers, Play On Toys fulfils 3000 orders annually, with a turnover of 5million Euro and 1.4 million in pre-tax profit. Having expanded its range from 2 to 20 products, Play On Toys now works with 30 suppliers to acquire the 110 parts required to manufacture its wares.
Expansion into Asia, Africa and America is planned over the coming three years, with the accompanying growth and challenges of moving into new ...view middle of the document...

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Database Management System (DBMS)
A Database Management System (DBMS) is a computer program that allows users to interact with a database to store, modify and extract data as needed while securing the data from loss or corruption. Database systems can be developed for any functional area of the business, with typical implementations in accounting and finance, marketing and sales, operations and logistics, and human resource management. (Rainer & Watson, 2012) DBMS are implementable in organisations of any size and can operate on a single PC or on a mainframe serving many computers. (Hardcastle, 2011)
In comparison to file based data storage, DBMS offer significant advantages including increased quality and accessibility of data, speed of processing and data security.
Ease of Access – Employees can easily access the information they need since the data is stored centrally on a shared system. Additionally multiple users are able to access the same data at once, allowing for simultaneous use of the information. (Oppel, 2009) (Pratt & Adamski, 2012)
Access Control – Access to the data in a DBMS is controlled by carefully designed security features. Typically, users must enter valid user-name and password credentials in order to access the system. Likewise, individual users or departments are granted access only to the data they need in order to do their work. Users can also be granted read-only or editing access depending on the needs of the company. (Elmasri & Navathe, 2004) (Connolly & Begg, 2005)
Custom Interfaces – DBMS offer customisation of views for users so that the most frequently accessed information is easy to get to quickly. (Oppel, 2009)(Elmasri & Navathe, 2004)
Efficiency – Database systems offer powerful search functions which can be used to locate and retrieve information much faster than by manual searching. Additionally, DBMS can be programmed to carry out a wide range of tasks such as report generation, saving more time. (Hardcastle, 2011) (Elmasri & Navathe, 2004)
Security – Because all data is stored centrally, DBMS are designed with high levels of security in place to avoid errors, data loss, attacks. (Elmasri & Navathe, 2004)
Data Integrity – Database systems ensure that data is captured in the correct format, and that required fields are filled when the record is created. For example, entries such as dates and account numbers that must follow a fixed character pattern will not be allowed if they do not fit the required pattern. This feature reduces the incidence of incorrect or missing information. (Elmasri & Navathe, 2004) (Pratt & Adamski, 2012)
Data Consistency – In file-based systems, the same information may be stored in multiple locations, which makes updating details difficult and often leads to inconsistency within the information stored. Database systems store each piece of information only once, making updates...

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