Databases And A Personal Wallet Essay

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Databases and a Personal Wallet
As the world becomes more connected through technology, individuals are quickly losing their privacy. Personal and private information about individuals is contained all over the place. The everyday contents of a personal wallet such as credit cards, driver’s license, membership cards, vehicle registration, and other cards are all associated with various different databases. Many databases exist in today’s society that contain and manage information which affect many areas in one’s personal life.
Driver’s License
A wallet is a great example of how there a many databases associated with the contents. For example, a driver’s license is ...view middle of the document...

The credit agencies contain information that has been reported from other institutions of who the individual has or does not have credit with. The credit agencies received information constantly from all of the institution in which an individual has credit. The information which is reported is items such as payment histories, balances, account open and close dates, and available credit. The information contained in these credit agencies is used to determine the credit worthiness of the individual or individuals applying for the credit card. At the credit card company, information is contained about purchases, payments and payment history that the consumer has made. The credit card organizations use this data to their advantage. When a person call into customer service of a credit card organization, all of the information regarding purchases, statement data, payment history is available for the customer service team to view. This information all resides in multiple databases at the credit card company. By reviewing this data, the credit card organization can offer the consumer credit line increases, balance transfers, other credit cards, etc. All of the information contained by both the credit agencies and credit card Companies is critical to the privacy of the consumer. If this information was ever leaked or stolen, the damage done to the consumer can be dramatic.
Social Security Card
Hopefully one doesn’t carry his or her Social Security Card on them, but it is a common item found in many peoples wallet. A Social Security Number is one of the keys to the kingdom of an individual’s privacy. It is a unique identifier that credit agencies, schools, banks, and many other government and consumer organizations use to identify a person. The information stored about an individual at the Social Security Agency may contain bank transaction history (The SSA is required to be notified about bank transactions greater than $10,000.), employment history, salary history, education history, tax history, credit history, etc. The Social Security Number seems to be...

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