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Dating Violence Essay

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As we moved into the new Millennium, Domestic Violence has not become what our society thought it would. In fact, the mere mention of it today as an ongoing crisis should really make our society embarrassed. It has only been in the past decade that our society has begun to realize that we are overlooking the severity of domestic violence. We have viewed domestic violence as merely a moral and ethical dilemma, not an obligation. We've convinced ourselves that it was a "private family matter" and not a criminal act. We told ourselves that some women deserve it, or that they provoked it to happen. We have excused ourselves from the problem, into an uncomfortable but yet acceptable, part of our ...view middle of the document...

Even more teens will face verbal or emotional abuse during a relationship in 2004. (Massachusetts Youth Risk Behavior Survey)Domestic Violence encompasses all races, ethnic groups, educational levels, social and economic classes, sexual orientations, religions, and physical and mental abilities (Texas Council on Family Violence). Domestic Violence occurs in all classes, regardless of socio economic and educational level. It happens in major metropolitan areas and in small rural communities. There is no population that is immune from this atrocity.Females who are subjected to abuse need to understand that they are not at fault and have not done something to cause the battering. The reality is no one is responsible for the abuser behavior, the abuser chooses to abuse his partner regardless of the female's behavior (Wilson). Males who are abusive have serious issues. The behavior is either learned or brought on by their own insecurities. Many batters exhibit a Jekyll-and-Hyde personality. Batters can be quite charming and delightful when they want to be (Wilson).Females are often afraid to challenge them and males continue to use verbal put downs because there have been no consequence in the relationship. Family history is the single most common characteristic in domestic violence. Male children who witness the abuse of mothers by fathers are more likely to become men who batter in adulthood than those male children from homes free of violence (Rosenbaum and O'Leary). Although this is associated with domestic violence, many abusers not subjected to witnessing abuse have became abusers and many people who saw violence take place in their home have never become an abuser (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence). Abuse and violence is used to maintain power and control over others. Violence is a learned behavior that is often reinforced by beliefs and socialization. "The use of violence is reinforced every time it is used as an effective means of control" (Los Angeles Commission on Assault Against Women).Evidence indicates that substance abuse and violent behavior frequently coexist. Although substance abuse is often, a major factor in domestic violence it cannot be considered a cause of it. If a person is already a batterer, the violent behavior may increase with the abuse of substances, however, there are many alcohol and drug abusers who never batter (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence).At a time when the art of steering a child safely through adolescence means parents must be well informed about the signs of drug use and eating disorders, psychologists are raising another red flag: dating violence. Recent research shows that one-third of all-teenage relationships include emotional, sexual, or physical abuse. Peer pressure, the media, and teen inexperience with dating are to blame (Rosenbaum and O'Leary).Teens who abuse their girlfriends or boyfriends do the same things that adults who abuse their partners do. Teen dating violence...

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