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David Briggs Essay

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On the Mountain

There is no doubt that skiing and snowboarding are two of the most popular winter pastimes. The only problem is the rivalry the two bring on the mountain. Both sports are sure to bring excitement in the snow, but before choosing which one there are important factors to consider. Probably the most noticeable difference is the equipment used. Both the techniques and movements between skiing and snowboarding are considerably different. Also, the injury factor is different between the two. Lastly, progression and the difficulty to start are varied from sport to sport.
Skiing involves two skis that are strapped with bindings. The skiers use the skis to navigate and propel themselves through snow. But snowboarders, who do not use skis, use only their body to navigate and propel. Though both the skiers and the snowboarders are attached to the snowboards with bindings, it also comes with some ...view middle of the document...

Most of the movement is generated by the upper body when riding a snowboard. After learning how to successful ride down the mountain another important skill to learn is stopping. The techniques are entirely different between skiing and snowboarding. When skiing, beginners are taught to use the “pizza technique.” This is done by pointing both of the ski tips together and leaving the backs separate. The skis should make an upside down v. Stopping on a snowboard is done by turning the board ninety degrees and lean toward the mountain. Learning how to stop is more technical on a snowboard than on skies.
When learning anything new there is always room for failure. Be prepared to fall, a lot. Whether on a snowboard or on skis falling hurts. The snow can be deceiving, that much snow compacted together can do some damage. Skiers are much more likely to suffer from knee injuries than snowboarders. This is because there is no support for the legs and they are free to move. Snowboarding is not any safer than skiing though. The most common snowboarding injury is wrist injuries. This happens when a snowboarder falls, since the legs are bound to the binding, and is forced to break the fall with their wrists. This is important when deciding between skiing and snowboarding.
Progression is one reward that makes both snowboarding and skiing fun. Skiing, for most people, is easier to learn but hard to master. Snowboarding can be frustrating to learn at first, but offers a more rewarding progression than skiing. After becoming comfortable on a snowboard and really utilizing the upper body, anyone could easily cruise down the mountain. However, skiing and learning new techniques on how to stop and how to speed up can be quite difficult to learn. This forces people to just use the beginner technique which stops a major portion of the ski progression.
Choosing whether to take on the mountain with a pair of skies or a snowboard can be difficult at first. It is important to pick what feels right. Try both before making a choice. Just be prepared to start slow. Both skiing and snowboarding can be mastered with enough practice. As far as the rivalry, neither one is truly better than the other.

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