David Hume, "Room For Faith" In The Cosmos, Is It Possible That Everything Can Be Proven Through Scientific Law, But Still Have Room For Religion And Faith?

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Room for FaithIn the cosmos, is it possible that everything can be proven through scientific law, but still have room for religion and faith? Theists such as David Hume believe that everything in the universe can be proven scientifically, and that everything that cannot be explained is superstitious. Although this point is favored by theists, romantics see the cosmos as a whole, being that everything in the universe is a miracle.A theist believes that everything in the universe can be explained scientifically, and anything that contradicts it is superstitious. Even if a theist is not entirely correct about a certain happening, he will base his reasoning on what is currently known. ...view middle of the document...

By these distinguished marks of devotion he has now acquired God’s favor; in recompense he expects protection and safety in this world, and eternal happiness in the next”In order for a theist to receive eternal happiness, he must be divine. By sacrificing pain and sorrow, god should protect you as a favor for your sacrifices. And by enduring these sacrifices, you will live a happy eternal afterlife. To the theists, this supported their belief that god is separate from the universe, and the belief of God’s dues being part of the natural law.Although a romantic will agree that the universe cannot be explained as a whole, he/she will argue that nothing can be explained scientifically at all. Everything is every bit a miracle in the universe, and there is no eternal afterlife because god is present through the eyes of the people, and nature that surround us. In the song There’s a Whole Lot of Heaven by Iris Dement, there is a verse that portrays romantic philosophy. “There’s a lot of people talkin’ bout getting down to the Gloryland way; they’re walkin’ straight and narrow `cos they’re tryin’ to get to Heaven some day. But I’ve been saved by the love of the people who’re livin’ right here: there’s a whole lot of heaven shinin’ in this river of tears”. Through these lyrics, Iris Dement speaks of people being “straight and narrow”. She is talking about the theists that are making sacrifices to god for his favor. Theists tend not to seek outside of the box because they believe that there is proven explanation, and going to heaven is their theory. Iris talks about something much different. She states, “I’ve been saved by the love of the people...

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