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Day Chocolate Case Study

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The Day Chocolate Company case

Day Chocolate was established in 1998, as a manufacture that produces chocolate products in the United Kingdom.
The business of the company started when cocoa farmers together setup the Kuapa Kokoo. Instead of using government cocoa agents, the company would manage the selling process more efficiently by selling the cocoa on their own. Their mission is to give control to the local farmers and produce the cocoa on an environmentally friendly way. In the year 1998 the Kuapa Kokoo started a partnership with Twin Trading by establishing Day Chocolate Company, with the support of Christian Aid, The Body Shop and Comic Relief.

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Where should they go?

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Chapter 1 - Describe the consumer segment Day Chocolate is aiming at? 4
Chapter 2.1 - What makes The Day Chocolate Company such a strong brand? 5
Chapter 2.2 – The Marketing Mix 6
Chapter 3.1 - Describe the general market trends in the chocolate market 7
Chapter 3.2 - Opportunities and threats in the chocolate market 8
Chapter 4.1 - Considering the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and
threats, what should Day Chocolate do? 9
Chapter 4.2 - Should they pursue the same market segments, with the
same products? 10
Chapter 5 - The day Chocolate Company wants to internationalize to
other parts of the world. Where should they go? 11
Conclusion 14
References 15

Chapter 1 Describe the consumer segment Day Chocolate is aiming at?
Day Chocolate is mainly aiming for the consumers who are taking in consideration the producers in developing countries and who are willing to pay a higher price for a higher quality standard. Their consumers are willing to pay a higher price for the chocolate, because they take in consideration the offered loan for the cocoa farmers. Although Day Chocolate is known for their fair-trade products, they are trying to compete with other A-brands, instead of the target market where most fair trade brands are active in. Therefore we can state, that they are also aiming for costumers who are willing to pay a higher price for Day Chocolate’s higher quality standard. As said in the case, Day Chocolate sells their products under two brand names (Divine and Dubble). Whereas Divine Chocolate focuses on the mature consumers, Dubble focuses on young people. Therefore we can conclude that the consumer segment of Day Chocolate is separated in two types of consumers.



Chapter 2.1 What makes The Day Chocolate Company such a strong brand?
Day Chocolate, the strong brand
Answering the question we can use the first part of the SWOT Analysis. In the following we will determine Day Chocolate’s competitive advantages as well as its strengths. One of Day Chocolate’s most important competitive advantages is it’s ability to provide Fair trade products of high quality at an average, reasonable price level, compared to similar mainstream products of that market.
Referring to Day Chocolate’s high quality, customer-taste oriented products, the most important aspect is the companies concept to fulfil its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Day Chocolates marketing concept and competitive strategy plan is based on the principle to produce Fair trade products. Starting at the supply chain Day Chocolate emphasizes high importance on its good and fair relationship to the local farmers, which is also represented in 45% of the business owned by the local farmers. Therefore Day Chocolate is a brand that aims at and attracts a very specific kind of customers. Day Chocolates customers are more aware...

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