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Dbq 1 Essay: What Were The Contributions To Western Civilization From Ancient Greeks?

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DBQ1: Essay
What were the contributions to Western civilization from the Ancient Greeks?
The ancient Greek Civilization has contributed so much to our Western modern day society. Not that many know that their contributions are so great that they intertwine with our everyday lives. They have made important contributions that range from architecture to mathematics, from medicine to sports, the modern day Western society has been influenced by so much.
A famous Greek monument known worldwide is the one of Parthenon. This structure of this temple made a whole new advancement in architecture. The astonishing way the Greek came up with the way to make the columns and the shape so ...view middle of the document...

Another famous figure who contributed to the field of education was Euclid was a professor who learned in Athens, Greece under the great philosopher Plato, and later taught in his school in the Greek city of Alexandria in Egypt. One of his famous laws in Geometry is, if 2 straight lines cut one another, the vertical or opposite, angles shall be equal. This set of rules led to procedures such as supplementary, complementary, corresponding, and alternating angles. Rules such as these have made its way to thousands of middle school, high school, and college classrooms.
Hippocrates was a Greek physician who influenced and is a famous figure in the field of medicine. He came up with the Hippocratic Oath, in this oath he vowed do work under the influence of the patient’s health. He promises to treat his patients with accordance to his ability and judgment for what he thinks is best. He promises to always think of decisions that will be in favor of the patient’s health and wonted anything that is harmful to the patient or his/her health. He will not give or suggest any deadly medicine for he believed that that medicine should be natural. This oath has been translated, modernized and simplified to an oath that still keeps the same promises intact, and is now used by doctors.
A huge influence and probably the largest is the affect...

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