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Dbq On Anicent World Essay

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Where would our world be today if the ancient civilizations in Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Palestine did not exist? Who do we have to thank for their achievements? What contributions did they make to society? In these paragraphs the ancient world of Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Palestine will come back to life as I talk about their achievements and contributions that helped not only to their civilizations, but helps to the future civilizations to come.
In 2650 B.C. Egypt's Old Kingdom era began. (Document 1) During this time period dynasties were created and in those dynasties were Egyptian rulers called pharaohs. The pharaohs had majestic pyramids as tombs built to show their power. These ...view middle of the document...

(Document 1) In Sumerian city-states there was social hierarchy dividing the people into classes based on occupation. Sumerians were polytheistic and like many civilizations they were very religious. The Sumerians wanted to get closer to their gods so built pyramid-temples soaring towards the heavens. These temples were called ziggurats and were placed in every city-state. (Document 5) The ziggurats doorways were arched and this may have been the first architectural building to have arches. The Sumerians had invented the earliest form of writing in 3200B.C. called cuneiform. Sumerian scholars made advances in mathematics and priest would study the skies enabling them to make accurate calendars. Another important achievement the Sumerians made that affects our lives every day is a number system based off of six. This divided the hours into 60 minutes and is why a circle is 360 degrees. The civilization of Babylon began being ruled by Hammurabi in 1792 B.C. (Document 1) Hammurabi is most famous for the Code of Hammurabi. (Document 6) The story behind the nearly 300 laws is Marduk the chief Babylonian god told Hammurabi to make these laws to help guide his people. The laws were set on the basic of "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth". Hammurabi also improved irrigation, organized well-trained armies, and temple repairs. All in All the Mesopotamians built a lot of the foundations for the civilizations then, now, and later in the future.
For the Palestinians I am only going to talk about the Phoenician. The Phoenicians are most...

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