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Dear State Legislator,
The bill you are considering to pass needs to be reconsidered and taken back in for discussion. Go back and think of the reasons again on why you want to pass a bill to not let people have their driver’s license until they have a high school diploma, and not only think about the teenagers driving the cars, but other situations you are affecting by considering to pass this bill.
When kids, like me, graduate high school they are about 17 to 18 years old, after high school we go to college where it takes up more of our time for classes. When did you think we would have the time to go out and take a drivers class and test just to have our permit and then go back again to take another test to actually get our license? A lot of kids are not waiting for the fall to take classes they are taking classes in the summer to get everything done.
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You learn to take responsibilities for your own actions and decisions and learn what the real world is really like, and get a little taste of it now when your younger so you know how to start out in the real world and be able to take care of yourself and not have to depend on your parents all the time. If you don’t have a license to be able to have the experience how are you going to be able to learn that great important thing about life when you get older?
Another thing, divorce is real high deal in this generation as well. Single parent’s taking care of a whole family, many things to do and most single parents out there are doing it by themselves without the mothers/fathers being there to help out. That’s why states had given out hard-ships to 15 year olds to help out with the family and instead of everything having to be done by that one parent. The kids won’t be able to do all the things they want to do and may miss out on something that can be really good at and have to suffer without knowing what they could’ve done. Even married parents have to shuffle everyone around to where they need to be. Just think once the “older” child is done with high school and getting his/her diploma, they’re going to be going to college and the parents are still going to be doing the same thing but one less child.
The state should reconsider by what they mean by you have to have a diploma to be able to drive. You may be clearing out the roads of teenagers, and people who may have dropped out of high school, but you’re destroying something else very important to our culture. Instead of holding back driver’s license till you graduate, maybe make sure that all teens and people who didn’t graduate actually take a course or a class so they should be fully responsible for the trouble they may cause. A lot of parents do the self-taught programs which is good but maybe take a look into that and then decide what the real problem is.
Sincerely an American Citizen

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