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Death And Fences Essay

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Salesman, is never respected for his occupational status, so he places very high expectations on his son, Biff. Willy lives in the memory of past events to such a large extent that he cannot distinguish fantasy from reality, and he passes this trait onto Biff. Biff says, "How the hell did I ever get the idea I was a salesman there? I even believed myself that I'd been a salesman for him!...We've been talking in a dream for fifteen years. I was a shipping clerk" (1760). Willy's high demands of Biff cause Biff to experience the same difficulties of living in the present and the desire to live in a fantasy world. This conflict is only resolved in Biff's mind when he releases himself from his ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, both of the insecure father figures make unrealistic demands on their sons until their sons are forced to separate themselves completely from their fathers' influence. While the role of the insecure father figure is to generate conflicts between fathers and sons, the role of the "other woman" is to spark another kind of conflict between husbands and wives.
In Death of a Salesman, although Linda never finds out about the Woman, her relationship with Willy is still affected by the Woman. For example, Willy says, "Will you stop mending stockings? At least while I'm in the house. It gets me nervous. I can't tell you" (1745). The reason that it makes him nervous is that he gives the Woman some of Linda's stockings, and he feels guilty. The Woman serves as a foil for Linda because the Woman is demanding and materialistic; this contrasts with Linda's submissiveness and thriftiness. The Woman is only concerned with the material things that Willy can give her; she demands "Where's my stockings? You promised me stockings, Willy!" (1768). In contrast, Linda is conscious of the value of money; she takes the responsibility for making payments on the refrigerator and the car. Even in the end, she is sorrowful because she makes the final payment on the house and has no one to share it with. Therefore, the Woman's personality helps to highlight Linda's virtues, and Willy's guilt for cheating on her poisons their relationship; he is always venting his anger out on her.
In Fences, Troy fathers a child with his mistress, Alberta, and he confronts Rose with the news, adding the fact that Alberta is dead. Rose is very hurt that after eighteen years of being faithful to him, Troy is unfaithful and does not even feel any guilt. Although she is usually forgiving of him, after this episode, Rose states, "A motherless child has got a hard time. From right now...this child got a mother. But you a womanless man" (1910). Rose has an epiphany about her relationship with Troy, and it is interesting that she compares it to a garden by saying, "I planted myself inside you and waited to bloom. And it didn't take me no eighteen years to find out the soil was hard and rocky...

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