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Death And Impermanence Essay

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Death and Impermanence

This paper will discuss the comparison and contrast of Dylan Thomas’ “Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night” and Robert Frost’s “Nothing Gold Can Stay.” It will cover the basic make up of these two poems in the aspects of content, form and style in each selection.
The content in the poem “Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night” by Dylan Thomas was very strong and told the story of dying men. These men were from all types of back grounds. There were some that were old, some wise, others good and others wild. But the one thing that they all had in common is that they were all dying. But for those who were speaking of them, were telling them to fight ...view middle of the document...

It could also be said that it stands for life it that when you are young, you are bright and clear. But it does not last forever, your “color” changes to dark as you get older with time. Robert Frost conveyed a similar message but used nature instead of real life to signify change. The natural colors of green and bold are used as symbols of spring, which flows into successive seasons in the natural cycle. (Clugston, 2010, p. 10.5)
Both poems did have a common ground and that was change. Change in life is what everyone goes through, whether it is throughout life or at the end of life. Both authors used people to describe their feelings and convey their message of the change and dealing with death.
The forms used in both poems were basically the same, meaning that the structure and body were similar in both works of poetry. They both used rhymes and a bit of rhythm in telling their stories to the readers but they were conveyed in two different ways. It is evident that both pieces use the same point of view and they did not change throughout the poem.
A common style that is easily seen in the poems...

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