Death Of Osama Bin Laden And Its Effects On Al Qaeda

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Death of Osama bin Laden and its effects to al-Qaeda

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Death of Osama bin Laden and its effects to al-Qaida
It has been four years down the line since the death of the al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. In history, Osama has been the potential leader in organizing terrorist activities that have left thousands dead and several injured. His charismatic leadership led to large number of recruitments of the youth men all over the world. Osama was assassination done by the US Navy seals in a night raid on a high-walled compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan (Owen, M., & Maurer, 2012). His assassination had a great impact on the running of the al-Qaida organization.
Osama bin Laden had significantly achieved high recognition as the symbol of international terrorist. Consequently, Osama declared war on the US and allies affiliated to US. His mission was followed by organized and fruitful attacks by al-Qaeda militants’ in various countries. Back in ...view middle of the document...

The death of the Muslims has made the group toothless to the US and NATO forces operating in Iraq and Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda ideology has received a great shock from the majority Muslims supporting the US and Western influences (Griffin, D. R, 2009). The act of act killing humans by al-Qaida goes against the teachings of the norms of the Muslims.
The successful assassinations of Osama have made the organization on co-operative within the system. The leadership wrangles within the organization have made large number of militants leaving the group. The top leaders have failed tremendously to offer effective operation in attacking the US affiliates such as the West. The al-Qaeda branch such as the Taliban, the Salafist group and combat have declined in implementing their extremist mission (Hasian Jr, 2013). The previous attacks by al-Qaeda have made the whole world to declare war against any extremist organizations, and this has contributed to the failure of the organization in fulfilling its plans.
In conclusion, al-Qaida organization has received a heavy blow after the death of its top charismatic leader but still the group is carrying various attacks on its enemies. These attacks are minor compared to the ones planned by the Osama. These attacks are prevalent nowadays in African nations such as “Boko Haram” of Nigeria and “Al-Shabaab” of Somalia organization playing the key role in the extremism. On the other hand Kenya; have faced the wrath from the al-Shabaab organization, which has led to large number of deaths in Kenya (Blanchard, C. M, 2007). The mission of the al-Shabaab is to revenge on Kenyan security operation in Somalia ensuring the government is stable from the al-Shabaab threats.

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