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Death Penalty Essay

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Capital Punishment Moral for Justice

Capital Punishment Moral for Justice
Capital punishment which is also known as the death penalty is used today to punish a variety of offenses. When the word death penalty is used it stirs up argument between extremist. On one side the extremist are for the death penalty, because they feel it will deter crime and that the bible also enforced capital punishment when a person takes the life of another. The other side extremist feel that the death penalty should be abolished for moral reasons and the fact that innocent people have been murdered making a miscarriage of justice irrevocable (Knowles, H. J. 2011). Studies that support the claim that ...view middle of the document...

It has been concluded that maintaining and executing capital punishment in the United States is costlier than sentencing an offender to life imprisonment without parole.
Capital Punishment Abolishment
It has been claimed that capital punishment is immoral and disregards a person’s eight amendment right to (cruel and unusual punishment). Many people feel that once a person has been convicted of a crime all their rights should be removed. Extremist feel that capital punishment should be abolished, because it’s believed that every human being is entitled to receive a second chance at life (Gershowitz, A. M. 2010). Logically they feel putting a convict behind bars instead of killing them can possibly help the offender become a better person. It is also argued that there is always a chance that an innocent individual has been wrongfully charged for a crime they didn’t commit, and once that individual has been sentenced to death, if that person is later proved to be innocent there is no possible way to bring them back to life. In the Furman Vs. Georgia case of 1972, the supreme court declared the death penalty was unconstitutional, because it violated the eighth amendment rights of the convicted and claimed that the administration was arbitrary and capricious (Gershowitz, A. M. (2010).
Keeping Capital Punishment
Over time it was been believed that a person who commits a crime like killing or rape of another person should be given the death penalty which is a punishment said to be equivalent to the act (Knowles, H. J. 2011). Extremist for capital punishment feel that if a criminal is jailed for a severe crime, he/she may commit the same crime after being released from prison. They also feel that giving a convict life imprisonment is futile, and that’s it’s better to kill them to keep costs of housing prisoners low. Many extremist have argued that without the death penalty if the criminal system was to house so many serial killers and violent criminals that it would make the safety of fellow prison inmates and guards insufficient, because its believed that people who commit horrifying crimes like murder have violent personalities and may in the future attack someone during imprisonment (Knowles, H. J. 2011). These reasons emphasize why capital punishment is important for the betterment of human society.
Empirical Data
Sociologists have searched for empirical data to provide a definitive answer on deterrence of crime. The information that was provided was inconclusive and showed no real support to back up the claim. Sociologist Thorsten Sellin’s did a careful comparison on the homicide rate in contiguous states which led to doubt if the deterrence effects were caused by the imposition of the death penalty (Wilkinson, D. J., & Douglas, T. 2008). Ehrlich’s method on the deterrence effect of capital punishment was also unpersuasive to the court. Debate’s originated so the question could be answered if capital punishment was actually a...

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