Death Penalty: The Most Extreme Punishment

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The death sentence is by far the most extreme punishment that can be issued to a person for whatever it is that he or she has done to be placed in prison. There are many ways that a person can be put to death, some harsher than others. It has been a useful way of reprimanding disobedient people for hundreds of years. Its effectiveness is the reason why it is still a form of punishment that is used today. If it was not useful then it would have been obsolete many years ago. It is indeed a productive way that one person can pay for whatever it is that he/she has done to be in that instance in the first place.
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Hammurabi’s term an “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” dates back hundreds of years ago. This simply means that if someone were to kill another person, the murderer would be killed the same way. Many people believe that it is not the humane way of punishing a criminal, but thankfully many others have fought to keep the death penalty in effect.
There are many different ways to be killed when receiving the death sentence. One of which, and the most widely known, is the electric chair. This is when a person is electrocuted to death. Another way to be killed is by lethal injection. This is when a person is injected with a lethal substance which kills that person instantly. This method is widely contradicted and is no longer used in many states. There are more ways for it to be done but these two are the most commonly used. It does cost much more to sentence a person to be killed by the country than to simply just keep that person in prison. That is one of the very few problems...

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