Death Penalty “To Take A Life When A Life Has Been Lost Is Revenge, Not Justice”

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Death Penalty
Seongman An

Death Penalty
“To take a life when a life has been lost is revenge, not justice.”
Desmond Tutu
It is believed that the main issue of the death penalty as a punishment is a dispute between its opponents and supporters about the existence of the death penalty itself. Thus, humanity has been divided into two public camps – for and against, which express the current state of the public mind. Despite the evidently clear separation of the positions, the deeper involvement into the problem shows that the burning issue of the death penalty has been artificially created for political manipulation in the community. However, different ...view middle of the document...

Bureau of Justice Statistics show that by mid 2011, 95 countries abolished the death penalty for any kind of crime. Another 10 countries kept it only for serious crimes, committed during the war, excluding the possibility of the death penalty for the so-called ordinary crimes; 30 countries abolished the death penalty in practice or officially declared a moratorium on executions. Thus, far in the world, there are 135 countries that abolished the death penalty in law or in practice, and the 68 countries that retain and continue to apply measures.
It is easy to explain such growing tendency, designed to fight with capital punishment. The main reason against it is that no one is able to correct judicial injustice if the man is already dead. According to the Franklin Zimring’s survey, the judicial mistake has already killed 200 innocent people all over the world (p.34). In addition, he states that life imprisonment can easily perform main functions of punishment, therefore, protecting society from a potentially dangerous criminal actions and additional reasons to commit a crime. Criminals, sentenced to life imprisonment are completely isolated, doomed to spend all their life in four walls, and do not have any chance to enjoy a single visit from relatives.
According to many studies, the existence of the death penalty is not the best method to fight with the crime. The fear of death does not always stop the criminal, who thinks he will be able to avoid punishment. Crime solving is the right measure, which can help to decrease the rate. It is important to fight with wrongs before people commit them, but not after. Although, in general, this fact can find counterarguments. For instance, when Nazi Germany began to shoot people for ticketless travels, the number of such passengers had been sharply reduced. Nevertheless, the example shows nothing more than monstrous cruelty that claimed thousands of lives. Moreover, to some extent, death penalty encourages crime because some people might think that if the state has the right to kill, why is it not possible for the man to follow the example. Humanity is one of the most essential democratic state attributes. Firstly, it is the recognition of the human’s life value and state must be the first to realize its significance.
From the Christian point of view, any murder is a crime. You cannot say that the death penalty is a necessary self-defense of society against the criminal world; there are other ways to protect innocent people from it. Therefore, such penalty is a murder, not justified in the eyes of God, which is sin in another words. We can say that killing murderers is not the murder of a man because the killer cannot be considered a person. However, we are still people and it is necessary to think about how to keep the human inside of every human being. No one has the right to take the life, given to a man only once.
The main reason of the negative attitude to the...

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