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Debate: Global Warming Should Be Our Number One Priority, Negative Team Arguements

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1)Global warming may not actually be occurring- Some measurements are faulty when it comes to reading global climate changes and patterns- The readings taken on the ground have contradicted satellite measurements- Reported changes in polar climate may be localized effects- If there is only a possibility that global warming is going to happen, it should not be our number one priority. We should be focusing on things that are a threat to mankind now that are definitely happening such as poverty and war (international relationships) eg. Lebanon crisis2)The current warming of the globe may be natural, not affected by man- If we are having the hottest summer in 100 years, what caused it 100 years ...view middle of the document...

Even if we were to avoid global warming (assuming its going to happen) we would be in a critical financial status and find ourselves faced with tougher problems. Priorities 2 through to a billion would have no solution as we would have no money to spend on them.- Plans to stop global warming would reduce warming by a tiny 0.02 degrees C- It exempts developing countries and the emissions of developing countries are growing much faster than developed countries. This causes unfair balance economically.5)We can't really rely on the people who claim that human activity causes global warming to be correct- Scientists were wrong about the following apocalypse claims- An imminent ice age- CFC's caused the ozone hole- They accepted the 'hockey stick graph' which was clearly incorrect from the beginning- The facts that were used to make claims of global warming and the end of the world have their faults. We cannot rely on this to be true, we need to fix things that we know are true now and that we know can be prevented. Therefore, global warming should not be our top priority.6)'The world is going to end' looks better in news headlines- Journalists take global warming worst case scenarios and put...

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