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Debate Over American Imperialism Essay

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During the late nineteenth century America was a growing and prosperous country. The Civil War had ended and the United States was once again unified. As the United States gained more money and power, it looked to overseas trade to monopolize on their raw materials. The United States began to trade with Japan, China Latin America and other countries to acquire these distant resources. In order to protect these investments, the U.S. had place upon these foreign countries their political influence. The United States went to war with Spain in order to protect their investments. In the Spanish-American War the United States gained control of the Philippians, Cuba, and Puerto Rico all three ...view middle of the document...

McKinley also says that if they were left to govern themselves it would lead to anarchy and would be worse off then before. President McKinley expresses “White Mans Burden,” and believes it was his countries God given right to govern the Philippines. President McKinley chose imperialism to secure trade with Asian countries.

Many believed in imperialism for economic reason while others believed in it because they thought God had chosen the Anglo-Saxon to become the leaders of the world. In document one, an excerpt from Reverend Josiah Strong’s book “Our Country”, discusses how the Anglo-Saxon race is superior and will spread throughout the world as leaders. Reverend Strong says, “this race of unequaled energy, with all the majesty of numbers and the might of wealth behind it-the representatives…of the largest liberty, the purest Christianity, the highest civilization…will spread itself over the earth.” The Reverend believes that those Americans from British and German descent will conquer the world and imperialism is first step to take in doing so.

Although many were for America becoming an imperialist country, there were those who thought it was a terrible idea. Many believed that it went against the Declaration of Independence and the people who founded the United States. U.S. Senator George F. Hoar of Massachusetts was a strong opponent of imperialism. He once said in a speech, “under the Declaration of Independence you cannot govern a foreign territory, a foreign people, another people than your own…” Later in the speech Hoar says,...

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