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Should it Remain Illegal to Carry Firearms without a Permit?

July 9, 2012

Should it Remain Illegal to Carry Firearms without a Permit?
The Constitution of the United States of America gives the rights to all citizens to own and carry guns. America’s forefathers saw this as a right and stated in the Second Amendment of the Constitution “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” ("Second Amendment," n.d.) This statement has been highly debated on the intent and questions through the years have been raised regarding the true meaning of these words.
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The changes to a voluntary militia and the increase in the military created a decline in the need and importance of militias. Throughout the 19th century, this trend continued.
During the presidency of Andrew Jackson, the mindset of the people began to change of which increased the debate over the interpretation of the Second Amendment. The questions surrounded an individual’s right to own a gun for self-defense. While Jackson was president, the first gun control laws were passed. The initiation of these new laws ironically sparked a movement on the ideology of the constitutional right of individual self-defense.
This movement had many faces and opinions on if controls were required, if controls were instituted whom should be regulated, and what type of weapon should be regulated. Some early case law was centered on the carrying of concealed weapons. In the case of Bliss v. Commonwealth (Gorman, 1994), the defendant believed it was there individual right to bear arms in defense of themselves and carried a concealed sword cane. This early case is still at the center of what continues to be a hotly debated issue of the right to carry concealed weapons as part of the Second Amendment.
Today’s gun laws mandate the sale, possession, and use of ammunition and firearms. Every state has their own gun laws that are independent from federal gun laws. With so many laws on the books, and the many court cases that debate the true meaning of the Second Amendment, the simple question of should it remain illegal co carry handguns without a proper permit continues to be of interest.
The importance of gun laws became existent when the population grew. The gun culture grew in popularity and the need for people to arm themselves from potential aggressors became increasingly existent. Over the years gun control laws were initiated and a few made it to actual law. Every state has its own gun laws that are independent from federal gun laws. One of the laws created was the concealed carry or CCW (carrying a concealed weapon). It is state law in 49 states with several states allowing the carrying of handguns without a license. Illinois is the only state without a concealed carry law.
It should remain illegal to carry handguns without a proper permit to avoid untrained people from carrying guns without proper training. A world with no gun laws or control over who can carry a gun is a plan for disaster, total chaos and could lead to anarchy. The right and legal thing to do is apply for a permit to carry a handgun. Every state has their own requirements for individuals to obtain a permit to carry handguns. Some common requirements are the applicant must be at least 21 years of age, they must provide proof of handgun proficiency, submit a photograph, and birth certificate, fingerprint, and not have a criminal background, and not have a history of chemical dependency. The states that require evidence of handgun proficiency require the applicant to...

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