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There has been a growing concern over the issue of global warming over the years. A vast number of global warming skeptics, politicians, and groups of scientists such as those that constitute the IPCC believe that climate change is adversely influenced by human activities that constantly raise CO2 levels. However, new studies reveal that there is little evidence to support the popular theory that global warming is directly influenced by man’s activities, and it is this that discredits the baseless global warming theory.
First, there are no real scientific proofs that support the global warming theory. ...view middle of the document...

There also exists a discrepancy between the observed and predicted patterns of warming, and this indicates that it is insignificant to attribute current temperatures to global warming. Geological records also show that there has been a persistent warming and cooling cycle over a 1500-year period for more than a million years. Therefore, attributing the rise in temperatures to global warming is an entirely misplaced concept since there have been variations in global temperatures regardless of man’s activities.
The rise in temperatures cannot be attributed to greenhouse gases alone, but rather to natural causes of warming. While geological processes such as mountain formation, volcanic eruptions, and change in the earth’s orbital position have some effect on the earth’s temperatures, they do not account for large percentages of the temperature change. Solar variability, on the other hand, results in changes in solar irradiance, solar winds, and ultraviolet portions of the solar spectrum. Consequently, these result in an effect to the amount of ozone and intensity of cosmic rays which ultimately cause a change in the temperatures of a region. Ironically, slightly warm temperatures can be beneficial. Economic studies reveal that a modest warming and a higher CO2 level can improve agriculture and forestry since these are the main components that allow plants to make their food.
It can thus be concluded that global warming has no serious threat on the human...

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