Deciding What Populations To Work With In Social Work

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Deciding what populations and types of clients with whom I want to work with, in the field of social work, is one of the most important decisions ever, regarding my career. From as early as childhood, I have always known that I want to work with children in whatever career path I embarked on. After deciding education and teaching was not the career I wanted to choose as my forever career, I always envisioned myself being a child and family social worker. I feel so comfortable with this population because I have always felt a need to want to improve the quality of life for families and children. I did not have the best childhood-due to experiencing homelessness, addictions and having to ...view middle of the document...

Naturally, becoming a child and family social worker is the best and most suitable fit for me.

I would be the least comfortable working as a criminal justice social worker. I am concerned that I would not know how to effectively relate to this particular population. Safety in the prisons or jails is also a big concern that I have. My experiences working with the mentally has been challenging to say the least; adding the criminal justices aspect to mix is not something I think I would enjoy doing. Understanding, that if I am placed to work with inmates in jails or prisons, I would provide the best services possible because regardless of what he or she has done with his or her life, they are still human beings and I would treat them nothing less. Geriatric social work is another population that I would feel least comfortable working with. I lost my grandmother, who raised me from birth until age seven, to cirrhosis of the liver at the age of fifty-four. The loss of my grandmother has affected me in numerous ways. The geriatric population is too close and sensitive to my heart so, I feel as though working with this group would have adverse negative affects on me. I know that I could have an unhealthy attachment to the clients in that population due to me losing my grandmother at such an early age. Working in nursing homes, hospice centers or hospitals make me uncomfortable and I have always had a fear of these places since my...

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