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Critical Thinking Application
When people rely on research rather than just their emotions; this is the basis of critical thinking. Critical thinking is more than just giving two looks at a situation and following a gut feeling, it is taking the time to research and plan, to strive for the most beneficial answer possible. The importance and benefits of critical thinking has most likely affected everyone’s personal or professional life at one time or another, maybe even daily. A moment of critical thinking worthy of discussing in which the nine steps of decision making became a valuable tool was the decision to remain on active duty in the United States Navy. After eight years of honorable ...view middle of the document...

Although, if the decision were made to stay active duty the dream of retiring as an officer would be altered anyway because it would not be in the career path, which was most personally fulfilling. Whereas, separating meant from the service gave a chance to further education along with creating the opportunity to experience motherhood. This also meant not missing out on moments with family, which cannot be repeated. Separating also created a loss of financial stability, at least temporarily. The amount of benefits the military offers are hard to find in the civilian world.

Step three evaluates the effects, which the issue can create. With regard to the effect on self-pride, the military was the only job known, to leave can create a scary scenario, which is a very unsettling emotion. Fearful questions can start to mess with anyone’s psychological state. Because in today’s culture there is much pressure placed on achieving and maintaining financial stability and quality of life, which in turn is the ideal of the American dream; the stress can become overwhelming. However using critical thinking and the decision making process can help calm some stress because people are less likely to feel overwhelmed when they have a good understanding the situation and give proper attention to the details; in other words the picture might not be as scary as it is first made to be. In step four identification of how did this happen is analyzed. The answer seems simple, the government is downsizing their military forces and by doing this many service members cannot advance to the next pay grade. This is especially detrimental to the Personnel department because their active duty job was being transferred to civilian contractors. The career, which many enlisted men and women had chosen, some of who spent a great deal of their lives working at and attending school for are being told to convert to another occupation within the Navy or separate. In most cases a form of severance package was not even offered even though many were being forced to convert their goals, objectives, and lifestyles.

Steps five and six can be modestly combined as framing and evaluating any...

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