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Decision Making In Educational Organization Essay

2340 words - 10 pages

Decision Making in Educational Organization

Yam P. Bhusal
Kathmandu University
School of Education
Bal Kumari, Lalitpur
April 2010

Decision Making in Educational Organization
Yam P. Bhusal

ABSTRACT. In this article decision making process in educational organization are discussed with several models. A classical, administrative, incremental, mixed-scanning and garbage can models can be used in educational organization as per the requirements of time and situation of that organization. Problem identification or perceive or understand the problem is the first stage as input; generate, evaluate and selection of the best solution is the second stage as process. ...view middle of the document...

“Decision making is general pattern of action found in the rational administration of all functional and task areas in organization” (Hoy & Miskel, 2001, P. 316). It is a dynamic process, so that it can solve the organizational problems.
Actually decision making is the process of choosing the best alternatives for reaching objectives. It is a general pattern of action found in the rational administration of all functional & task areas in educational organization. Generally the rational of ‘taking’ decision or decision making is solving the problems which are appears in particular organization. For this purpose the major responsibility of leaders of educational organization is to preserve a constant look out for actual potential problem.
Decision making is the participative action in any educational organization. But the “teacher participation in shared decision making surfaced as a dominant theme in the reform and restructuring movements in the late 1980s, but controversy still persists over the best way to measure teacher involvement” (Ferrara &Repa, 1993). Gathering information for planning and monitoring purposes can enhance shared decision making in schools.
Models of Decision making
There may be several types of decisions to be taken and implemented in any educational organization. Generally decision is routine and one shot occurrence type are in practice. Programmed decisions or structured decisions are routine and repetitive. These types of decision in educational organization are taken again and again as per the requirements of objectives of that organization. Non- programmed decision or unstructured decision are taken by an organization while they faces the particular problem which is not in routine or schedule. This one-short occurrence type of decision making is may be or may not be taken again. According to Hoy & Miskel(2001), on their book Educational Administration; Classical, administrative, incremental and mixed scanning models of decision making are suggested.
Classical model of decision making theory assumes that decisions should completely rational and it focus on optimizing strategy by looking the best possible alternative to maximize the accomplishment the goals and objectives. While taking decision; if any organization adopts the classical model of decision Making that should follow the different stages as problem is identification, establishment Goals & objectives, construction of the possible alternatives, consideration of the consequences of each alternatives, evaluation of all the alternatives in terms of goals & objectives, selection of the best alternative i.e. The one that maximizes the goals & objectives. Finally, the decision is implemented and evaluated. It is a normative model rather than a descriptive model; so that it is considered as unrealistic model of making decision in educational organization.
Having several limitations of the classical model, a realistic conceptual...

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