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Approaches to Decision making Paper

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Decision-Making paper

Infections is always a possibility upon admission to a hospital or when being treated in an

emergency room. Hospital’s are addressing this problem with better infections control

policies, but there are things you can do to protect yourself. On the other hand it is said that

you are your best advocate when it comes to your health and well-being. One way patients

can prevent disease is by letting the nurse know to wash hospital personnel equipment and

wash their hands before they enter your room and before ...view middle of the document...

Nurses must follow their institution’s protocol for regular

changing tubes used to deliver nutrients or fluids to the patient or to drain fluids from the

patient's body. If left unchanged, these tubes can harbor the growth of bacteria, which can

easily enter the person's body”. The other strategies to reduce infection in the workplace facility

is by nurses wearing the proper clothing to work in always wash their hands every 30 minutes

or during each patient.

The two decision is better made by a group rather than by an individual, because two

heads are better than one and you can't “accomplish anything in a meeting if everyone has his

or her own agenda. The more people, the more possible it becomes. Decision making is one

of the central activities of management and is huge part of any process of implementation.

Good decision making is an essential skill to become an effective leaders and for a successful

career. People often in a group decision making will out perform individuals working in

isolation. Plus groups solutions to problems are typically of higher quality than the average of

the individuals solutions. However, best solitary workers may often outperform the group who

has diverse personalities that can not diverse arrive with a answer. Disadvantages of group

decisions are more time consuming and more costly, people whose opinions are not

considered tend to be left out from the decision making process and the team spirit decreases

to grow” Slideshare 2013,. Disadvantages of individuals is limited information processing

capability, commitment to decision may not be strong. However, its better to use two head's

than one because “many successful people think from a very rational, positive viewpoint, and

this is part of the reason that they are successful” aleanjourney,2012.


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