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Decision Support System Essay

708 words - 3 pages

Knowledge Management
▪ Ancient
▪ Collaboration at the organizational level
▪ Could revolutionize collaboration and computing

Helps organizations
▪ Identify
▪ Select
▪ Organize
▪ Disseminate
▪ Transfer
Important information and expertise within the organizational memory in an unstructured manner

▪ Understanding gained through experience or study
▪ Know-how or familiarity with how to do something
▪ Information that is contextual, relevant, and actionable
▪ Accumulation of facts, procedural rules or heuristics
▪ Actionable (relevant) information available in the ...view middle of the document...

← Every rule in knowledge base can be checked to see whether its premise (principle) or conclusion can be satisfied by previously made assertions.
← This process can be done in two directions :
– Forward
– Backward

Inference Techniques

Forward Chaining
Forward chaining is a data-driven approach . We start from available information as it becomes available or from a basic idea, and then we try to draw conclusions.

Backward chaining
Backward chaining is a goal-driven approach in which you...

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