Defeating The Demons Inside: A Study On Individuals Who Have Survived The Long Term Effects Of Bullying

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Defeating the Demons Inside: A Study on Individuals Who Have Survived the
Long-Term Effects of Bullying

A Research Proposal
Presented to
Dr. Nymia P. Simbulan
Department of Behavioral Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences
University of the Philippines Manila

In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for the
Course BS 199.1 (Qualitative Methods in Behavioral Research)

Christiani Lumayag Matugas

April 1, 2013

I. Introduction

Statement of the Problem and Review of Related Literature

The school is a battle field and each child is a lone soldier trying to make his/her way through. Each child will have to defeat a series of exams, scary teachers, ...view middle of the document...

Long-term Impact

Researchers in the field of developmental psychopathology have argued that negative experiences in childhood and adolescence can have an impact upon psychological wellbeing in later life. (Parker & Asher, 1987) (as mentioned in Rivers, 2001)

This has been proven true. In fact, effects of victimization can persist beyond the actual duration of the bullying episode (Kochenderfer & Ladd, 1996), and may endure into adulthood (Hugh-Jones & Smith, 1999; Matsui, Tsuzuki, Kakuyama, & Onglatco, 1996). These findings suggest that children who are victimized experience problems in coping with bullying, and that they may cope in ways that are maladaptive. (as mentioned in Hunter, Mora-Merchan, and Ortega, 2004)

While there is a wealth of information in the form of studies and scholarly papers on the bullying phenomena, how children fight or defend themselves and the long-term effects of bullying, the researcher found almost no scholarly articles on individuals who were able to battle their proverbial ‘inner demons’ come out successful. The researcher herself is one such victim of bullying as well and admittedly has not escaped her demons yet. Therefore, the researcher would like to explore the experiences of those who were able to ‘fight their demons’ and discover the methods they have used in order to free themselves from the clutches of the painful experience.

Purpose of the Study and Research Questions

The main purpose of this study is to explore the experiences and discover the steps these individuals undertook in order to successfully recover from the long-term effects of bullying. This study is aided by the following guide questions:

a. What are the methods employed by these individuals to overcome the long-term effects of bullying?
b. What are their motivations and inspirations?
c. What is the impact of gender in the process?
d. How important is a support group (friends, family, and mentors) in helping with their battle in proportion to the individual’s will?
e. What was their self-image and perception throughout the stages they went through (Bullying>Initial Survival> Insecurities and Irrational Thoughts Overtake> Battle> Success)?
Limitations of Study

In order to properly analyze and understand the experiences, this study is largely qualitative, therefore having more internal than external validity and since everything is from the individual’s point of view, the moral and/or legal implications of the things s/he has done in the past is disregarded. To add to that, the researcher only has six respondents, all of which are from middle class families living in NCR and have experienced bullying for at least six months.
It is also worth noting that in this study, bullying pertains only to bullying done at school and online by the individual’s classmates and/or schoolmates. This study does not include the bullying and discrimination the individual...

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