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Define Ethics? Discuss The Importance Of Ethics To A Designer

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Define ethics? Discuss the importance of ethics to a designer.
Designers, due to their field of work, are in a position where they can influence society. The design industry has proven to be ever evolving. Over the years designers have opted from being more business minded, rather than choosing to be more social minded in their work. This mentality was adapted by designers to satisfy their corporate clients, who used the talents of designers to advertise their products.
In the modern day, every moment in our life can be influenced by designers. Whether it is through billboards, posters, logos, packaging or internet, designers are ever present in our life. And through these art works ...view middle of the document...

Extra responsibility should consider in the following areas:
Universal design and Accessibility
Consumer Product Labeling
Ecology and sustainability
Universal Design and Accessibility: Designers must be aware at all times, that their work must be designed in I such a way that it’s accessible to people of all ages, nationality, physical condition and abilities. In order to make sure that the design meets these standards, it should have these factors completely covered;
Incorporate mobility
Facilitate communication
Participate civic life
Consumer product labeling: Certain types of consumer products require a certain standard of labeling. And designers must be aware of these products and the various standards used in labeling different products. At first it may be a bit nerve racking to know that you should understand so many labeling standards, but the fact is that although the formatting of the labels change from product to product, the content of the labels consist of similar information like country of origin, contents, instructions and warnings.
Due to importance of labeling many countries like the U.S, Japan and many European countries have ordained laws that prevent consumers from purchasing products that do not include these information.
Professional values
We have discussed the importance of ecology and sustaining the ecology, but clearly eco-sustainability is part of a much bigger issue; moral values and obligations during design. It is not necessary that each successful designer or...

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