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Define Key Terms Essay

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Chapter 7 Terms:

• Switched Circuit: A circuit established through one or more intermediate switching devices, such as circuit switches or packet switches.
• Dedicated Circuit: A distinct physical circuit dedicated to directly connecting devices, such as multiplexers, PBXs, and host computers.
• Circuit Switching: A networking technology that provides a temporary, but dedicated, connection between two stations no matter how many switching devices the data is routed through.
• Packet Switching: A digital network technology that breaks up a message into smaller chunks (packets) for transmission.
• Leased Line: A private communications channel leased from a common carrier.
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• IP Subnetting: A technique that enables a network administrator to divide a single private Internet Protocol network into multiple smaller logical subnetworks by subdividing the host address into a subnetwork address and host address.
• Default Router: A setting defining the packet forwarding rule to use when no specific route can be determined.
• Address Resolution Protocol: A protocol that translates between network addresses.

Chapter 9 Terms

• The Internet: Most of the networks connected together by Internet Service Providers worldwide.
• Internet Edge: The part between the ISP and the customer.
• Point of Presence: The access link where the customer’s device physically connects. Refers o the specific location of the provider’s equipment.
• Internet Core: A part of the internet comprised of servers, routers, switches and hubs that make it possible for the ISP to send packets to the customers across the internet.
• Internet Access: All technologies that are used to connect to ISPs that enables all devices to send packets to each other and the ISP.
• Analog Modem: A...

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