Defining And Designing A Network Essay

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Defining and Designing a Network
The overview of this book’s running case project is in the front matter. Please review this information carefully to guide you in completing each chapter’s project as you work through the remaining chapters.
You have been hired as a consultant to design a network for LedGrafix, a video and PC game design company. LedGrafix’s newest game has become a hot seller, and the company anticipates rapid growth. It’s moving into a new facility and will be installing a new network. Because competition is fierce in the game industry, LedGrafix wants the network fully secured, documented, and maintained while providing high availability, scalability, and ...view middle of the document...

Your instructor has blank forms you can use, or you can create or find your own. Your inventory should include at least the following:
* Operating systems
* Server operating systems
* Office applications
* Antivirus software
* Computers, servers, and peripherals
* Network connectivity equipment, such as hubs, switches, or routers
* Specialized imaging or multimedia devices or software
* Developer tools (you can make up tool names, if necessary)
* Other applications you think are necessary


1&2. Examine the facility diagram your instructor provides. Using whatever drawing application you have available (MS Paint will work, if you have no other options), create a diagram of your network, showing the physical layout of the system.

3. Create a hardware and software inventory. Your instructor has blank forms you can use, or you can create or find your own. Your inventory should include at least the following:
* Operating systems-
UNIX / Linux
MAC OS X Server

* Server operating systems
Windows server (windows 2012 server)
* Office applications...

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