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Defining Marketing Essay

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Defining Marketing
January 28, 2013
Rodman Sims
Defining Marketing
Defining marketing can be rather challenging since many definitions for marketing exist. A personal attempt to define marketing will be completed after successfully defining the term from two creditable sources. Based on these definitions, an attempt to explain the importance of marketing in organizational success will be completed.
Marketing can be described in many different ways. It all depends on how the reader interprets or perceives the definition to mean. According to Perreault, Cannon, and McCarthy (2011), marketing is defined as the performance of activities that seek to ...view middle of the document...

Businesses must ensure that the product that they are wishing to market is researched and appeals to its target audience. Under marketing a product and not spending enough money, effort, and time to correctly advertise a product can lead to failure because not enough of the target audience is being reached. However, over marketing a product can also have its consequences as well. Running too many ads about a product can lead to consumers becoming over stimulated about the product and tired of it.
This weekend is a perfect example of maximizing on the amount of customers a business can reach about a product. Super Bowl weekend has become an advertising escapade. Audiences from around the world tune into the Super Bowl not only to watch the football championship game, but to watch the commercials as well. During Super Bowl XLVI an estimated 111 million viewers (i.e., consumers) watched the game.
If a commercial does not entice consumers to purchase the product, it is not successful. A funny and/or memorable Super Bowl commercial is a waste of time and money if it does not stimulate sales. According to the Associated Press, the average Super Bowl ad cost average is $3.5 million; that’s a serious blow to the advertising budget (Bickle, 2012).
BIGinsightTM asked consumers their opinions about Super Bowl commercials. 7.3% state that commercials influence him/her to search online for more information; 8.4% state that the commercials influence him/her to buy products from the advertisers. 16.9% become more aware of the advertiser’s brand. Only 4.4% state that the commercials bother them (Bickle, 2012).
Axe is not a retail company, but it is a great example of a brand that is well-positioned for measurable marketing success from Super Bowl XLVII. The men's grooming products company is launching a line of products branded as "Apollo" and its Super Bowl promotion will include a giveaway that drunken millennials will think is sick - a chance to win a trip into outer space - and one they can sign up for immediately (Farfan, 2013).
Mercedes Benz seems to have already scored big in the Super Bowl commercial advertising game. Being both the first and the most controversial (so far) the Mercedes Benz Kate Upton teaser reveals that the Mercedes marketing team is relying on the time-honored belief that sex sells anything and that an association with a Victoria's Secret lingerie supermodel like Kate Upton can make anything sexy (Farfan, 2013).
The Mercedes Benz Super Bowl commercial teaser has been viewed more than five...

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