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There were Kudos for the conscientious people of Kerala when they initiated the programme of ‘Smrithivanam' in the early nineties. They started planting trees in the memory of the dead. It is a living graveyard helping the ecology to improve.
Even an ordinary man knows that forests invite water laid clouds, provide timber, are a source of natural nitrogenous manure, preserve soil from erosion, suck the subterranean water and provide shade and safety to small plants. Forests have also been providing a number of fruits including pineapple, coconut and charauli. They have now come under regular plantation.
It is because of the absence of trees that Rajasthan is more or less a desert area. Still people, contractors and even government agencies have been denuding forests. The Chipko movement of Uttar Kashi ...view middle of the document...

Huge dams have cleared a number of forest regions in Punjab, Orissa and the South. Sardar Sarovar Narmada Project is not the last nail in the coffin of forests.
Because of the rise in population the axe has fallen on forest areas for residential needs and for procuring agricultural needs. Forest wealth has already depleted in Bihar-Bengal-Orissa border belt because of coal mining.
No efforts have yet been made to rehabilitate the consumed area with trees. With the rise in population in the Indian sub-continent there is a general rise in the defence forces in India too to face the danger from Pakistan, Bangladesh and the foreign forces beyond the North Eastern region of the seven sisters of Assam and other states.The problem at Nagarhole National Park in Karnataka is a bit different but equally serious. In the late sixties and early seventies the Kabini dam had submerged 10,000 acres of land. 9000 acres of forest land was cleared of trees for relocating to the displaced non tribal population. The tribal's were moved to the Nagarhole National Park. The government wants to relocate the tribal's living in 54 settlements and area of 2000 hectare within the park. It plans to provide the facilities of residence, hospitals and schools at the settlement located near Veerannahosalli, on the Hunsur-Nagarhole road.But the tribal's, specially the 70 Kurba families residing near Kabini rsscrvoir area in Maladadi Hadi area resist their shifting. The tribal's too have their interest in denuding forests. They have cleared over 300 acres of forest land. They lease the land to Keralites for growing ginger and charge R.s. 2000 per acre from them. 66,500 men living in 96 villages located within 5 km of the park periphery have 27,600 cattle. This high ratio of cattle (two for one man) provides the dung, sold as manure. The animals graze in the forest without any charges and on being grown up are sent to slaughter houses in neighboring Kerala.

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