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Deforestation Essay

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Environmental degradation has been one of paramount progressive issues the world is facing in different ways. This tumultuous predicament had been as result of deforestation of forest trees and women and men who are environmentalist and eco-feminist had played many roles in fighting against the patriarchal capitalist from further destruction and advocating protection of the environment and forest reserves.
Deforestation is cutting down of trees in the forest areas and within our surroundings which meets human natural needs and provides a dwelling to wild life and other animal species. The study of environmental changes through eco-feminist perspective helps to throw light on the effects ...view middle of the document...

Form the movie taking root, Maathai showed how the forest where she used to fetch for firewood growing up and the stream were destroyed and leveled and buildings were constructed on those areas. She expressed the negative consequences it has had on the community which this paper will look at in progress. The physical element which we are experiencing as a result of deforestation and destruction of the forest and ecosystem are massive flooding, earth wakes, hurricanes, erosion, pollutions like air and water pollutions, drainage of fresh water system, spring water. These environmental disasters are rendering millions of people, families homeless and jobless; thousands of people including women with children are living on the street and many earth wakes have claimed thousands of human. Also destroying the forest may be the first link in a chain of environment degradation that includes climatic changes, decline in watershed functions, and the obvious loss of hardwood, fuel wood. These entire physical elements are the consequences of human violation of nature and its effect are hitting hard on species and humans who are less powerful in the society or the world at large. This paper will examine how the forest and environment impacts women’s lives positively and the effects of deforestation both culturally and physically.
Women as herbal healers are most faced with the hardship of deforestation of the forest. This explains the cultural and traditional loves of women as the second position claims in Roach Catharine article “ that women are fully cultural beings who are not in any way closer to nature that men and that, according to mother nature imagery is misleading, sexist, harmful, and should be rejected completely (Roach, pg: 36)”. I somewhat agree with Roach statement because relating women with nature is oppressive in the sense that it tie women’s image as nothing but an image to be exploited while on the other, I disagree with the statement that women are not cultural being because given the significant role women play in ensuring that their families are in health and that healthy lifestyle is maintained. Generally, women are held responsibly with providing their families with proper nutritious meals. Women as nurturers and reproducer also draw women closer to their environment; using for instance Women living in the forested areas, their natural caring spirit also involves interacting with forests and other natural resources, like making sure that both non-wood forest products are protected and forest agriculture do not cause destruction of the natural environment. Women’s role as the primary caretakers and healers of their family members when they are down with illness, expresses the usefulness of the environment and forest to women. Traditional women believe in herbal healing than processed medicines. Women in forested areas often treat their family members with forest products. Also the part of Roach statement that women are not in any way...

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