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Delegation Paper

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How an Intranet Improves Businesses
eBusiness Technologies EBUS/400
June 23, 2008

How an Intranet Improves Businesses
Communication is the key to conducting business successfully. Internal communication to employees affects the overall effectiveness of a company. All departments and functions of the company work on improving the communication form one department to another. The increase in global business presents new challenges to internal communication. The intranet introduces a communication method to resolve the challenges of effective internal communication. An intranet offers a company the ability to increase the speed of communication, productivity of employees and reduce ...view middle of the document...

According to Dave Nienberg  (1999), an intranet is a “private, secure version of the Web that companies can develop solely for their internal use or expand into extranets, sharing information with outside sources, such as customers and suppliers” (para. 1-5). An extranet “enables businesses to communicate and collaborate more effectively with selected business partners, suppliers, and customers” (Business link, 2008, para 1-5). The intranet enables companies to become more efficient. The effects of the increased efficiency directly relates to the increase in cost savings.
Uses of the intranet
The intranet is a solution to communicating information through a company that is cost effective and time saving. Establishing an intranet is an inexpensive solution. The days of cost generating communication such as; memos, time consuming departmental meetings, and employee training is replaces with the intranet. Administrative departments use the intranet for communicating policies and procedures (Business link, 2008). The human resources department is able to conduct online job posting, employee training, contact directories, and payroll information (Intranet Road Map, 1998-2006). Corporate uses an intranet for communicating company news, branding information, mission statements, and client information (Business link, 2008). The financial department via the intranet presents the annual reports and organizational information (Business link, 2008). The intranet provides advantages to the marketing department by allowing access to competitor’s information, sales projections and performance, and catalog or corporate brochures information (Business link, 2008). The use of an intranet influences all departments’ performance. Time sensitive information is accessible by employees providing higher productivity.
How it works
An intranet connects company personal from one location to another. The main components of an intranet are a “network, security, hardware, and software” (Intranet Road Map, 1998-2006 para. 1-20). The network must have enough “bandwidth to handle all types of multimedia” (Intranet Road Map, 1998-2006 para. 1-20). Security systems with the proper firewalls ensure hackers cannot enter into sensitive company information (Intranet Road Map, 1998-2006). The proper hardware and software provides users accessibility to information. The author Rodriguez (2002-2007), provides a simple intranet diagram.

Benefits of an Intranet
The benefits of an intranet in overall business performance directly relates to sharing information efficiently. The availability of proper information provides effective decisions. The movement of information via the intranet is faster and less expensive increasing the flexibility of the company and productivity of employees. The main benefits of an intranet include the improvement of internal communication (Business link, 2008).
The Business link (2008) stated, the...

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